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RIM In Their Toes As JP Morgan Chase Express Signals Of Moving With The IPhone

October 25, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Research in Motion (RIM) the creator of the Blackberry cellular phone model maybe in severe problem as their competitor slowly and gradually attempts to grasp even the financial market. Once a steadfast Blackberry user for its personnel, JP Morgan Chase have been exhibiting some tale signs of their likely move from Blackberry units Apple’s i phone.

This can be surely troubling information for RIM indeed because JP Morgan Chase & Co. has a minimum of 200,000 employees globally and has been delivering their staff with mobile e-mail through Blackberry gadgets that they issue to their global staff. If this pushes through, this will be a massive stumbling block because once they have decided to use a particular brand of smart phone, they should synchronize it to all their employees’ gadgets.

Apple continues to be effectively targeting several market sectors to allow their products and solutions to enter despite the new iPhone 4’s phone coverage issue. Clients have been only viewing the positive aspects of the iphone rather than it’s negative features thanks not only to very good marketing techniques but also to the iPhone’s sound functions as well.

The BB have been losing the corporate sector’s attention and now even Switzerland’s largest bank UBS has also been rumored to have been trying the iPhone for their employees to utilize and their corporate staff is well over 60, 000 employess. Now that cannot be very good info in any way.

We are also encountering the same trend in our business since the inquiries about iPhone insurance have doubled these previous several weeks when compared with other forms of mobile and gadget insurance policy.

And since the price of the iphone has not yet reduced while Apple’s smartphone sure has several amazing capabilities it is still quite a large purchase that ought to be covered with proper insurance for iphone to save the user from financial stress and anxiety. Total iphone insurance provides cover from loss and damage and will ensure replacement of the product if necessary.

As JP Morgan Chase determines if they should adhere to Blackberry or absolutely replace their units with iPhones, it’ll certainly give RIM a run for their money.

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