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System Restore: Helps To Roll Back Your System Files

October 25, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

By Wendy Wilsonn

The main idea of system restore point is to return your PC files and programs to a time when PC was working absolutely fine. In other words, it potentially prevents hours of troubleshooting headaches as one can easily roll back his system files, registry keys, installed programs, and so on. It helps to undo system changes without disturbing the personal files. Therefore, it is considered as good option for a person who is attempting system optimization like memory upgrades or software configuration.

The system restore is based on the feature System Protection which helps the computer to regularly create and save restore points. The restore points include information about registry settings and other system information that are needed by Windows. A person can even create restore points manually. The windows XP, Vista, and 7 all can create restore points automatically but these points don’t hurt manually created one which were created just prior to installing or uninstalling of hardware/software or before making changes to any system configuration settings.

In Microsoft Windows 7, the feature “system restore” works comparatively better than other versions. A person can create more restore points and check out what files were removed or added when PC was restored. For more protection, one can use System Restore with Windows Backup. This helps the system to safeguard e-mail, pictures, documents, and other personal files that are needed.

In Microsoft Windows Vista, system restore features is an improved interface which is based upon Shadow Copy technology. The Windows versions before Vista were based on a file filter. It made the changes for a certain set of file extensions and then it used to copied files before they were overwritten. The advantage of using Shadow Copy over file filter is that block-level changes were done in files and it is located in any directory where the volume can be monitored. This is backed up with regardless of their location. Importantly, old restore points are removed in order to keep the volume usage in a specified amount.

Microsoft’s Windows Server operating system family does not include the feature System Restore for undoing system changes. But, the System Restore feature is built into Windows XP and it can be installed on a Windows Server 2003 machine.

Tips in Fixing IExplore Dot EXE Fault
By Faisal Irshad Khan

Are you using Internet Explorer and wondering how to fix iexplore.exe popping up on your screen? The error normally comes when you start Internet Explorer. You can fix fault instantly. How? Follow the tips given below.

First thing is that we should know what iexplore.exe is. It is an executable application that runs most popular Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s own web browser. The error message appears saying “iexplore.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience” on the start when you open Internet Explorer.

If your system is infected by virus and that virus attacked browser and iexplore.exe is destroyed or corrupted then you should follow the below instructions to fix it.

Firstly, you need to check System32 to find a copy of effected file. Here is path: C://WINDOWS/System32. If it is not present in system 32 then conduct a system search to find the file. Now, copy this file and paste it into system 32.

In some cases users fail to locate effected file file on their system. In this situation you need to find a computer with same version of operating system installed and copy file and paste back on the problem computer. Another option is to re-install the operating system. However, reinstall takes time.

Do you have System Optimization tools in your system? In fact it is an effective way to fix iexplore.exe fault with clicks. There is possibility that error occur because of registry error in the PC. If you have system optimizing tool then it would not only detects internal windows registry errors but also it helps in fixing those. There are many tools available on Internet that scan, analyze and fix the errors inside computer. Not only the executable but these tools would fix other registry errors such as duplication errors, DLL errors, invalid short cuts and other run-time errors.

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