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Information About Video Formats Supported By Enia Player

October 27, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Enia player after installation supports most popular formats such as avi, mpeg, mp4, wmv, xvid and etc. These formats are used for about 70% of video around the world. You think this is not enough but actually there is one moment present. Enia player is written around DirectShow and is able to play any format for which you have codec. What is the codec itself. Actually media format and codec are different things. Media format is a standard developed to implement some idea to make video or audio compressed better with highest possible quality and lowest size. Media format declares number of steps which needs to be performed to do that. Codec is an implementation of the media format standard for specific operating system. In simple words codec is a special program module which is capable to encode and decode specific video format. Surely video formats differs by compression level, video quality, system load during video/audio processing and etc. There are many codecs present for the same video format, so you may choose basing on the criterias you prefer.
Returning back to the playback Enia is able to play any video format for which you have codecs installed on the PC. It is quite easy to force Enia play video you want – just need to find codec for the format you need in the internet, install it then double click on the film and point Enia as default player for that format. After that you may enjoy watching video. Sounds easy, isn’t it ?
Actually you may not want to dig through web for specific codecs as this may take quite a long time. In that case to make things easy it would be better to download and install codec pack. Most codec packs have big number of codecs integrated to don’t have conflicts, so if you add such codec bundle to the system you may be sure it have support for more than ninty percents of overall video formats present in the world.
Inspite of the fact that necessary codec may be present in the system episodes export is limited to the following formats: avi, mpeg, mp4, mp3 and also for mp4 with specific parameters to work perfectly on PSP, iPhone, iPad, iPod. This was done to be sure that always export will be done with high quality and as fast as possible. Codecs for export are bounded with Enia player, tested and provides best quality for the formats they are exporting. For example export to avi designed in the optimized way and if you would like to extract part of the film from avi format then no changes in format will be done and process will complete extremely easy in few seconds. This is because video format was not changed and nothing was decompressed or compressed – just part of the film was cut from the entire video.

This is not all the details.
Track avi player web page for more details and features.

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