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October 31, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

By Jerry Sperg

The other day one of my friends said his computer was getting slower. He was considering buying a new IBM which will cost him nearly 850 dollars. I simply advised him not to make this purchase and recommended some PC optimization software.

Limited hard disk and memory space may force you to consider buying a “bigger and faster” computer which provides more space and a better system performance. But, soon after the purchase, you will find your PC getting slower and slower again. That’s really something driving people mad, isn’t it? Actually, there are many factors causing the poor performance of your PC. The main causes are, in fact, junk files, duplicates and left over files in registry. These files, which take up a large amount of space, are usually created along with movements of downloading, deleting and installing programs on the computer. Thus, it is not only important for everyone to keep a good habit of surfing on Internet but also to master how to manage the registry. However, the problem is that it is absolutely tiring for one to search and clean all this waste files manually. Since, there could be hundreds of files listed in the registry. Moreover, one can hardly recognize them and distinguish them from the programs that he wants to keep. At this moment, all you need would be just some system optimization software.

Many people tend to find some software which can help to scan all the files on the computer, find out the useless files and remove all those useless files together by one click. As far as I am concerned, there is countless software available which is mainly design for the purpose of optimizing system and helping the users to obtain better system performance. I have tried a lot of software of this kind on my computer. In my opinion, to choose a good optimizing program, one has to note five aspects:

A: The program to be chosen has to be powerful and professional enough to scan all of your disks. Some software takes a long time to scan all the files and a longer to have all of them removed. When it is scanning, you can hardly do anything. This would be a waste of time and would mess things up rather than helping.

B: The optimizing software should have the function of backup. Many people don’t know how to backup to prevent important information to be removed. Therefore, when they try to delete junk files and duplicates, they would delete their photos or thesis carelessly.

C. optional scan function is necessary. Usually, we don’t have to have all our disks scanned. Therefore it will be more useful if the software provides an optional scan function. This function can save you more time.

D. It would be better if the program can help to fix the registry problem. It is widely known that some virus may enter your computer, rewrite the registry and download more virus from the Internet automatically. This function will help to have them removed easily.

F: The program should be suitable for different use. This function is important especially for computer users in big companies, offices or schools. By selecting relevant mode, you can save more time from scanning.

If you can not afford to buy a brand new computer, maybe you should just begin to choose some optimization software.

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