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Saving Time By Acquiring An Iphone 4 Case That Is USB Ready

November 05, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Although a lot of folks don’t desire a case to mask their new iphone 4, because of safety issues the previously repugnant thought is now extensively accepted. Covering up their iphone was the last thing these Apple lovers would do simply because they really like to relish their iphone’s in its “pristine” status meaning practically nothing getting back in amongst their fingers and the fantastic feel of the fancy Apple mobile phone.

And folks are not just flipped off by the thought of a bulky case covering up their precious phone; it’s the problem with a few of these cases that don’t allow the user the much needed plug and play feature that has become a trend and norm in our fast paced society.

I personally hate it if I was in a dash and I wished to upload something on my iphone, you will find cases that don’t permit me to instantly hook up my iphone to my PC. I’ve just jail braked my apple iphone and have used it as a hard disk too so I continually want to attach it to my computer so with a case that does not permit me this versatility it is certainly a hassle.

One cool iPhone 4 case that I learned that permits me to connect and even charge my iphone by means of USB without having me needing to remove it of its defensive casing is called USBFever and it basically enables the protection yet the simplicity of having the ability to sync my iphone effortlessly without hassle.

Presently there are great iPhone4 cases around in the market and one may have a characteristic that seems to be pointless to someone yet a great attribute to another. In essence that it guards your iphone from scratches and if it dropped, the additional level of safety can save your iphone from a likely critical drop.

I personally love the iPhone 4 case that permits me to effortlessly link my phone via USB without having to take it out off its case. In the event you treat your phone exactly the same way it’s a good case for you however, if not, then select one that will suit what you are researching for to safeguard your Apple smartphone.

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