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Will We Be Getting The White IPhone 4?

November 13, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

The iPhone has been one of the best selling smart phones ever released. Its popularity is such that it is now an iconic gadget of the 21st century. It has been a revolutionary piece of kit since its launch due to its applications and touch screen technology. For over three years now, the iPhone has been changing the world of mobile technology.

Recently however, Apple has come under fire from those loyal customers that have been patiently waiting for the white version of the iPhone 4. It was originally meant to be released before the end of 2010, was then pushed back to Spring 2011 and has now been removed from the Apple store. For many people waiting for the release of the White iPhone 4, this has pretty much been the last nail in the coffin for this mythical smart phone.

Many bloggers are now speculating that the White iPhone 4 will receive another delay during Spring 2011, which will push its release back to Summer 2011. This is the current release date for the iPhone 5. At this point the White iPhone 4 will be confirmed as cancelled. Of course this is all speculation. Nobody, apart from the top dogs over at Apple, knows for sure whether the White iPhone 4 will be released.

At this point, the most realistic outcome is that a White iPhone 5 will be announced, either for release at launch of the iPhone 5 or shortly after. It does not make sense to release a White iPhone 4 that has outdated technology, at the same time as the iPhone 5. All of the marketing hype will be surrounding the release of the new iPhone and the White iPhone 4 will be in effect, in the bargain bucket, though you can pretty much guarantee that there will be numerous people shopping around to find great White iPhone contracts, so Apple will make some money back.

You may be wondering why the White iPhone 4 has not actually been released yet. Well it seems as though it is almost technologically impossible to create a white case for an iPhone. This is from one of the world’s most successful and innovative technology companies. It seems crazy really, doesn’t it?

There have been numerous reasons why the White iPhone 4 has not been released yet. There was news that the ‘Home’ button did not work correctly, that the white colour couldn’t be reproduced consistently and there were also rumours that the antennae had been repositioned for the White iPhone 4 and that it wasn’t working correctly because of this.

Unless we hear news that the White iPhone 4 is definitely being released, it seems as though Apple may have been defeated by a simple colour change. Let’s just hope that the same fate doesn’t befall the White iPhone 5.

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