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The Information About Microsoft Registry Cleaner Programs.

November 14, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Your computer is a highly technical piece of equipment and without a little useful piece of knowledge then you could be subject to alot of computer errors. Every PC has a central informational database that is used to store all of the system’s configuration settings. This hierarchal database is known as the Microsoft Windows registry. It houses the hardware and software configurations, user profiles, security and policy settings and many other crucial settings.

Due to the manner in which your system works, over time obsolete information starts to amass within the registry, causing the database to be unstable and unhealthy. This is a major factor towards slow performance issues, freezing screens, error messages and many other computer problems.

A Windows registry fixer is THE piece of software that you require to take care of your registry right now and in the future. There are many registry cleaners available to download online but like most products, some are more superior than others. Their aim is to clean your Windows registry as proficiently as possible, and these are the main factors that are used:

A full system registry backup and restore feature. This is needed in case of any untoward event that may happen during the cleaning process. A system crash or a power loss would stop the process finishing, leaving your registry in limbo. Using the backup and restore feature would return the registry to the last known good configuration before this event happened and allowing your computer to still function.

The process of repairing the registry is simple. The software seaches the registry for errors. These could be redundant and obsolete entries, to corrupted entries caused by a virus, all of which are not required and which will greatly effect your system’s performance. These errors will then be displayed upon your screen for your viewing. Once given the command from yourself, the registry cleaner will delete and permanently remove them. But of course, like the hard disk within your computer once data is deleted then vacant spaces are left in it’s place and these will also cause PC problems.

A top registry cleaner will recognise this and perform a registry defragmentation. Exactly like the defrag utility that comes with the Windows operating system for your hard disk. This same process is used to jiggle your data within the registry so it becomes ordered and contiguous. This allows the data to be found at the fastest possible speed – no obsolete entries and no dead-end entries leads to a more proficient system.

As said, there are many registry cleaners to choose from so take some time out to review the products available. For further help and information please visit

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