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MSD Organizer: Full-Featured And Friendly To Use Organizer Software, Ideal For Individuals, Professionals And Companies

December 25, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

MSD Organizer is a full-featured, easy-to-use and secure tool for any home user, professional, or corporation who needs to plan routine activities, handle appointments, keep control over tasks, manage contacts, take notes and keep a professional and private diary.

Many thousands users around the world are using it daily. Give it a try and we are certain that MSD Organizer will be the most important application in your computer.

MSD Organizer is a pim software which gives modules which make it a good scheduling software, personal organizer, calendar software, appointment software, organizer software, task software, planner software, reminder software, task management software and diary software.

Besides these modules, typically found in other info managers, MSD Organizer also includes some extra modules that make this pim software unique:

– Property: provide your real state information, bank accounts, investments and inventory, and the application will show the development of your property from year to year, in a chart.

– Budget: enter your income and costs and the program will show monthly and yearly budget info, which should be very useful to understand if you can afford the purchase of a new auto, for example.

– Health: enter your family health info and the program will enable you to view and print reports that can be shown to your doctors.

– Music: let the program scan your hard disks for songs, and hear your fave music while you are working.

– Union: this module gathers basic info of all the other modules, making it better to find data when you do not know precisely where it is stored.

Another unique feature of MSD Organizer is the History tool, which enables you to keep a record of the relations of the user with banks, clients, firms or any other personal or professional contact. The History may store records of telephone calls, received or sent mails, meetings, agreements, appointments, contracts, etc . This is certainly one of the most useful tools of this program.

In addition to these modules, MSD Organizer features stand alone tools like a word processor, a spreadsheet and an image viewer. Any record in the program may contain a word processor document, a spreadsheet and an image. If the user needs to associate more documents to any record, the History tool permits you to associate an infinite number of documents to any record.

Last but not least, MSD Organizer features a password manager that makes it easy to log on to password-protected sites. Rather than recalling masses of user names and passwords, you just need to recall one.

When you will need to find any valuable information for you or your company, is when you may become aware of all of the power of this program. You will be able to find any information in a second.

All the reports produced by this organizer software can be saved to disk in PDF format.

Manuel Sebares
Powerful Business Organizers

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Security Suite Pro – Fake Antivirus Removal Faq For Beginners

December 24, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Security Suite Pro is a fake antivirus tool that’s made to con you into downloading a fake upgrade towards the program. Although this tool may look legitimate, the fact is it doesn’t show any real results, and will actually cause a lot more harm to your computer than it will ever be able to fix. If you have this infection in your system, you need gone it in the best approach possible – which means that you have to be in a position to remove all of its infectious components from the body, and guard against it coming back.

The program will typically install itself in to these folders on Windows:

* %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\
* %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\shdw.exe

Known to most as a “malware” (malicious software) infection, herpes does nothing but try to scare you into purchasing the latest upgrade into it. It will have infected your computer in the likes of the “Trojan Horse” virus, fake antivirus scan online or even via a false email attachment. If you have the program embedded in your system, the good news is that there was likely very little you can caused by prevent it from entering your pc – however the fact is that you need to remove it in the most satisfactory way possible.

To get rid of herpes, it’s best to make use of an automated program called an “anti-malware” tool. They are software programs that are designed to scan through your computer and get rid of all of the elements of the safety Suite Pro infection. The issue many people don’t understand with this particular virus may be the way in which it installs a large number of fake programs to the “background” of your PC. These programs then run independently from the fake antivirus tool to try and steal your personal details – which makes it very hard to get rid of all the aspects of the Security Suite Pro infection.

To get rid of this virus completely, you should use a course called Frontline Rogue Remover. This is a leading anti-spyware tool which has been designed by a software company in Canada. It’s extremely popular, and it has been made to completely remove all the different aspects of the different viruses that you have on your PC. An extremely effective piece of software, Frontline Rogue Remover can easily remove all the aspects of Security Suite Pro – allowing your computer to operate a lot more smoothly & effectively again. To make use of it, you should download & install Frontline Rogue Remover onto your PC and then let it perform a “deep” scan. This will send it through your entire system to get rid of all of the parts of the SSP virus, allowing your pc to operate like new again.

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Most crucial factor of all, 100% money back guarantees when you are not satisfied with this program. So trying out the program would be RISK-FREE…

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Automatic Monitoring Of The Network Computers System

December 20, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

If you are working as a system administrator or owning and directing any kind of small organization by yourself, one day you will realize that your business is growing. The more stuff are working in it, the more are needed. The more computers are needed, the bigger your local network became, and the more utilities, programs and servers are started every day. It is quite a hard task to take care of their health. Let’s review a few examples and investigate what kind of problems you can confront.

No person is normally think about this, but it is pretty important to control the amount of available free space on your HDD drive, because some services might fail due to an unability to save its data. And you can actually lose this data. In addition, low disk space might make it impossible for your paging file to increase its size to support virtual memory.

Here is another case. Sometimes utilities can load CPU very high. For example, when too many instances are connected to some service, or when too many complex calculation tasks are running at the same time. If they do it for a significant period of time, processor can get superheated and badly hurted, and your system will not function correctly.

In both cases it is a good idea to learn about the possible issue before it will actually come. As the system administrator, it is your work to keep an eye on all constituents. The status of computer resources and usage can change dramatically over time. Services may stop working. Disk systems may run out of space. Applications can throw errors, which in turn can cause the system issues. If you own one computer, then probably you can handle this by yourself. When you have several computers, it becomes the real problem. Thankfully, you will not need to manage it manually, you just need a network monitoring software that can do the dirty work for you.

ProtoMon is a easy-to-use network and server monitoring software that will automatically monitor the system parameters of the unlimited number of the remote computers. You will just need to install a small and fast ProtoMonAgent system service on every computer you need to monitor. This service uses very small amount of memory and CPU resources. It is able to monitor almost every aspect of the system including CPU and memory usage (global and per process), free disk space, running system services and processes, registry values, etc.

ProtoMon periodically queries the agents’ statuses. In a one query it can control any number of the remote system parameters. You need to enter the success criteria – a logical formula containing one or more inequations with macroes connected together by the boolean operators (and, or). Each macros calculates one computer variable: maximum CPU usage, free pagefile size, process status, etc. If the success criteria are not met, the software will notify you immediately by the different types of notifications. It can display a pop-up notification window, playback a sound, launch any utility, or send a notification email to the system administrator. Well, it cannot make you a coffee. So while you are making a coffee, let ProtoMon to monitor your network.

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Effortless Way To Install A Screen Protector On The IPhone

December 20, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

You have aquired your new iPhone 4 and it has likley to have cost you an absolute fortune!.You placed your shiny new iPhone 4 in your coat pocket with your keys and it damages the screen! Sounds like a same old story!

However, the wise ones amongst you had probably invested in a screen protector possibly when you purchased the phone, or if you were lucky enough it was packaged with one.

What is a screen protector you may ask?. Well the screen protector comprises of a sticky piece of film, which lays on top of your iPhone’s screen therefore defending the surface from scratches and dust etc.

Ok, so you have aquired this piece of sticky film be, it a clear one, anti-glare or a mirror one, you read the manual on how to install the screen protector and you feel fairly confident that you can install the screen protector with ease. You get your screen protector, line up the film and set out to apply it.

You notice that the film is not quite lined up right and you try to pull the film back and re-apply, this is when you notice all the tiny bubbles forming under your screen protector, complete with a miniscule amount of dust! One brand new and probably quite pricey screen protector destroyed!

There is only one way to stick this piece of film to the iPhone and solve all your screen nightmares is to do it like this:

First up, make sure that all the dust is completely clear of the iPhone and I mean completely clear. It only takes one tiny amount of dust on the film to completely ruin your process, this is so decisive, however, I will inform you of a trick to get rid of the dust speck at the very end of this article.

Secondly, once you have a good clear dust free screen, place the screen protector and line up the screen protector so that the earphone slit is lined up with the screen protector’s own. This will give you a good indication whether your screen protector is lined up with the iPhone.
When the screen protector is lined up with your iPhone take a credit card or something that does the same job, as long as it has a hard edge (some screen protectors are supplied with their own piece of plastic) and get ready to press the screen protector onto the iPhone’s.

With the credit card in one hand very slowlywithdraw the plastic film on the back of the and at the same time apply the screen protector with the credit card on to the iPhone’s screen surface pushing out all the bubbles in the process. This should insure that the screen protector is correctly applied.

Thats all!.Hopefully you will now enjoy a bubble free iPhone!

TIP: If you have done exactly as above and you have still managed to collect some dust then pull back the film and withdraw the dust with some scotch tape (or sellotape)., then re-apply.

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Antivirus Software For Windows

December 20, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Antivirus Action is a fake security program from the same family as Security Suite. This rogue is installed on your computer through computer infections and fake anti-malware scanners. When malware installs this infection it is commonly through exploit kits that attempt to install and execute files on your computer by exploiting a variety of exploits that may be available on your computer or through the software that you run. If an exploitable program is found it will then install and execute the Trojan that will ultimately download and install Antivirus Action on to your computer.

When Antivirus Action is installed it will be configured to start automatically when you login into your Windows account. Once started it will scan your computer and state that there are numerous infections, but will not remove any of them unless you purchase the program. This is a scam as the infections it states reside on your computer do not actually exist. They are only stating that there are infections to scare you into purchasing the program.

While Antivirus Action is running it will not allow you to run most programs on your computer. When you attempt to run a program it will state that the file is infected and then terminate the program’s process. The text of the infection message that you will see is similar to the one below:

Just like the fake scan results, these security alerts are all false and are only being shown to scare you.

Last, but not least, Antivirus Action will configure itself to be a network proxy on your computer. This allows it to randomly show you fake security warnings when you are browsing the web. The text of this warning is:

This Internet Explorer hijack is false as well and just another tactic where the developers are trying to convince you that your computer is infected. It is important to note, though, that when you terminate or remove the Antivirus Action process, your browser will no longer work until you disable the configured proxy server.

Without a doubt, Antivirus Action was created for one reason; to scare you into thinking your computer is severely infected so that you will then purchase the program. Particular sites are going to be the greatest threat to your PC on of those includes facebook. Yes that’s right. To learn how to block a website, do a search on the topic, you are sure to find the answers you need.

It goes without saying that you should definitely not purchase some sort of antivirus software, and if you already have, please contact your credit card company and state that the program is a computer infection and a scam and that you would like to dispute the charge. To learn more about how to block facebook and control how uses it and when, you will need another type of software, and that is another topic altogether.

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Apple Laptop: The Clues You Need To Know

December 14, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Apple was able to break free from the technological norm with the help of their innovative Apple notebook. The brand was able to separate itself from its many competitors because of its visually appealing products and the advanced applications and features. Everything that a customer wants can be found in an Apple leptop.

The great thing about an Apple leptop is that for all its high-end look and price, it’s very easy to use. iBook, PowerBook and other Apple leptop models are unique from each other and showcase a wide range of features and applications that are unique, inventive | innovative, educational and fun. The physical attribute of Apple leptop are set apart from the brand’s competitor. With its trademark sleek white color (and few silver hue), a curvy design and a fabulous , professional looking finish, Apple laptop models are considered functional and fashionable.

Another thing to think about with regards to Apple leptop is this: the designs of the laptops are incredibly accessible for use. Unlike other laptops where you need to really take time to study and learn its ropes, Apple leptop is easy enough to understand and to play with. The Apple brand can be used with PC and Windows products; which means that there are no longer restrictions when it comes to furthering your online horizons.

Now, here’s the thing about Apple leptop: it’s pricier expensive than regular laptops. iBook, Powerbook and any other Apple model owner will agree to the fact that it’s quite hard to find a trustworthy and genuine Apple leptop online. Finding an Apple leptop with a good price can be difficult but pain-worthy. The lousy aspect of Apple merchandisers is that because the brand is known for being on the expensive side, a lot of stores tend to take advantage of this situation and increase their prices when it comes to accessories and parts. But if you’re patient and you really want to get the best of your money, you can still find online Apple shops that sell their best and genuine products for the normal amount apiece. When you find this shop, verify as keen as you can and then go for it.

Apple laptop parts can range in price depending on the part, but the last thing you’ll wish to do is pay out for a genuine spare part only for it to arrive and not function correctly. So make sure that you are seeking an Apple leptop merchant that offers a fair price and that give assurances that they offer guarantees when it comes to their products. This means that regardless of the size and price of the part you order you can rest assured that when it arrives with you it will be a laptop part ready for your Apple laptop.

Apple currently sells three products which include MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and standard MacBook. All three products are used for different purpose. The general usage leptop from Apple is the MacBook which offers high performance with 2GB memory and a dual core processor from Intel. The level up Apple product line is MacBook Pro and these leptop models are extremely powerful.

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