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Bringing Your IPhone To Some Rock Live Show

December 04, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

If you were a concert junkie way back in the early 1990’s it’s likely you have wished to record the pleasure and excitement of attending those evil rock concerts, there are some main issues you would have encountered in those days. But looking back in those times, we wonder how we even made it not having the actual gadgets that lay with our disposal now a days.

If you are planning to record any concert, there’s the popular walkman after that, but recording it would have probably resulted in this kind of poor quality, playing it would possess destroyed the very memory you’ve so cherished.

Then there’s the heavy cam corder, you are able to attempt to file it here as well, assuming you can get pass security with it! Back in those times, the audience had not been allowed to deliver any camcorders to record the show. You can always get the official VHS tapes of the event (DVD’s and BlueRay backbone were naturally unheard of in the past).

And if you get caught using videos and pictures the charge maybe severe, but not such as what happened to some concert with Guns and also Roses wherever lead guy AXL Rose lunged in a man inside the crowd keeping a digicam and beating him. After taking the man’s digital camera, AXL quit the show understanding that incited one of the most severe riots in a live performance. Just because of a camera, can you imagine that?

But today, it’s a different story. Folks now have the freedom to take their own mobile phones together with cameras and also digital cameras also. From a security standpoint, it’ll be almost next to impossible to stop so many numbers of people in surrendering their particular phones so they really just allow it.

And if you plan to visit in a live show and to record it in your soul new iphone4, you’d be open to the risks engaged because it can easily be damaged. You are able to protect the idea with a decent iPhone4 case. There are many designs of iPhone 4 cases that are designed to make is sturdy and may give an extra layer of protection in the event that if drops in the middle of the concert.

Bringing your iPhone to record a special live show can be cool, but with no extra protection like exactly what a iPhone 4 case can provide, then you certainly better be simply open to an opportunity you’d be mind banging real hard in the concert, but banging your face in the walls once you get home when you find your new ‘iPhone 4’s screen can be wasted.

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