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Extend Your IPhone Battery Life Now With These Simple Tips

December 05, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Phone lock

Lock when the phone isn’t used. Press the sleep-wake on a edge from the phone to access the locked mode. In general settings it is possible to use your phone to lock automatically within 1 to 3 minutes if no activity


Wi-Fi and 3G turned off unless you’ll want to surf the web. You can disable access to the Settings tab and choose the 3G network. You’ll be able to do so significantly if you do not. As soon as it’s time to see, choose a single or the other, it is needed for both.

Software Update

After the iPhone. Application updates on your cellular phone to keep the highest level, to extend its battery life iPhone.


Limit GPS tracking and interactive maps. You can disable this option, go to general settings and turn off place services. Use mapping applications only as soon as necessary.

IPhone Games

If you have a player you love to play games on the iPhone – the greatest of us are aware that discharges the battery as well quickly. You possibly can disable the vibration feature inside game alternatives menu, which saves battery life enormously.

Flight mode

Use the flight mode inside configuration in a country to discover where cellular coverage, at least, that all the automatic search and allows wireless use and expand the possibilities of much more battery.

E-mail access

Manual review from the mail. automatically retrieve e-mail eats up the battery, you’ll be able to by heading to Change Settings, mail contacts and calendars, and collect new data, changing the manual, you can also disable all e-mail accounts often do not use any additional.

Battery Extender

If you will be willing to spend income to purchase an external battery extension, most of these sliding back of the phone with ease and are about $ 120 per.


reduce the brightness of the screen of the iPhone, go to Settings, after which drag the cursor for the left until you are satisfied in the brightness with the screen.

Sun and heat

Hold the phone out of direct sunlight and leave your phone within the car over a hot day. Heat will be the enemy in the battery.

Download the iPhone

Show off your iPhone by a full charge cycle at least once a month the battery with fuel gauge and battery charge to synchronize from the first location obtaining regard for the capacity on the battery. To this charge the battery at 100%, then you use the phone is totally drained the battery. There are info about your use with the battery on a installer icon. You are able to use the statistics, including the time in the iPhone, which has operated because its last charge.

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