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IPhone Launched SAP Business Intelligence

December 08, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

Under the new 8th November more and additional little firms start inside world that trigger your phone in the business. Mobile phones increasingly big hot during the industry. So that you can manage the business and customer details at any time if they’re in office to visit, brought the first software provider SAP Business Solutions firms in the iPhone application from SAP Business One. The user stands out as the owner on the SAP Business A single 8.8 12 licenses can also be downloaded no cost of charge.

The cellular application was made on Apple’s online iTunes Store. Can aid the users to determine relevant info as well as the key role of SAP Business 1 inside a timely manner. SAP Business 1 proper application for your iPhone allows the user to examine the inventory and also the buyer to go on the form, the recipient from the alert as well as the technique of confirmation. started in the mobile application, the user can right away see the facts and check or confirm, comfortable.

Features include:
to invest in early warning and response warnings on person cases. For example, matches the specified discount or a credit rating line. The user can install applications and answer. It can create for remote actions, make decisions easily and efficiently.

Real-time inspection report SAPreg, Reportsreg crystal and constructed inside a report created by the software. The user can than add custom reports and share the result from the way through the messaging feature from the iPhone.

The details of consumers and partners in the visit and modify contact information, examine details on particular prices. The user can browse and search the consumer and the register of members. You possibly can also record and a new record new information. All changes are recorded in SAP Business One

Tracking Stock-Check stock levels and visit particular facts from existing products. The invest in cost as well as the actual sale of shares, specifications and solution images are included.

Compay stands out as the leading provider of particular interactive products from the northern nation of Europe. CEO Mike Nielsen said. “As * 7 24 firms each day to manage efficiently during the company, it is for staff KPIs, performance, price and inventory alter to visit her at her firm trip crucial SAP Business One and SAP Boyum IT businesses helps us to understand the rise of the activity. The new mobile application does begin due to the demand. This will aid us serve our consumers better and meet market demand. The speed in the new application is fast. You can make the needed data incredibly simply found inside database with details from 500,000 customers. And we get the update and also the principles of SAP Business A single can Warnig immediately.

The mobile application runs on Mac OS 3.2 or greater iPhone or iPod touch. Anyone can upload or try the cost-free demo version of iTunes Apple Store online. You are able to also understand the application for ones iPhone with SAP Business One Cellular App for iPhone intro video.

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