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What To Avoid Doing When Making A Website

December 08, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Webmaster/Design

Everyday there are hundreds of websites being published, many of them set out to failure from the beginning. People buy domain names, hosting accounts and then load some content into a CMS and expect success. It takes way more than that to become successful in an industry with the competition we have. When building a website do not expect to become rich overnight, do not expect thousands of people visiting your website within couple weeks. It is not impossible but your chances are compared to none.

First thing is first, choose a good topic to start a website about. Don’t write about “how to make a money making website” if you have never had a website that made money. You are going to be spending a lot of time on this website, so pick a good topic you won’t get bored giving you time to. Write about something you are really passionate about, you favorite football team? TV show? Something you’re really good at? I would advise you to definitely be unique, do not start a website about random things. Like, for example, do not have a website called and write about “teeth whitening” and “Arsenal vs. Man. United” at the same website. It’s better off if you stick to one topic and go from there.

Another thing is that people rush; you aren’t going to be ranking up top on Search Engines right away. Give it some time, allow your site to work its way up, let it prove itself to top search engines like Google and Yahoo. In the meantime, do some work on your website, make sure the design is” SEO friendly.” Avoid having random things scattered all around your website.

Avoid copy and paste content. Those people write them articles and/or content with hard work, they gave their time into it, you should be able to do this too. Write unique content, don’t steal other peoples work. Nobody likes this, including Google. You will get punished for copying other people’s material. It’s that simple. You can visit How to start a website for step by step on how to start a website easy and right.

Do a lot of link exchanging, try getting good quality backlinks. DON’T trade links with garbage websites. Make sure you’re not trading links with non-quality websites. Remember your references will determine your spot on Google. The websites Alexa ranking, Google Pagerank, just do some research on it.

I like making websites. So I did a website on how to make websites. I like to write articles on this website and keep it up to date, whenever something comes to my mind I go with excitement to my computer to write an article, it should be the same for you. So chose your topic wisely. Make sure it’s something you’re going to love spending time on. For more useful information like this visit: Start-a-Site.Com

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