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How To Use Applications To Make A Watermark For Your Videos Or Internet Content.

December 10, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Many folks place information on the world-wide-web daily. The web is the top way to disclose information and get your moniker, or company out in public view. You place articles, forms, and video tutorials on the web to allow others to have access to that information and assist them in doing tasks or having fun. When you place information on the internet you want the public at large to use it but you don’t want other businesses to take it and use it as their own. Just imagine how good you would feel when days after adding your video or form to your website you see your form or your video on someone else’s internet site with their name plastered all over it……WHAT? You can stop companies from taking and using your forms, videos, and articles by adding a watermark to them.
There are a few programs that you can use to add a watermark to your forms and images. Photoshop, SmartDraw, or Microsoft Word can do it quite easily. You can add text to your form, color it light grey, and position it on the form where you’d like in a few simple steps. Just remember to use the rotate tool to place it in the best position. The watermark on any form or article should always be placed diagonally and cover its entire length and width.
If you are sharing video lessons on the web, watermarks are certainly a must. Watermarks can serve two purposes. They protect your video so others do not claim it as their own. Once your video is made with a watermark it cannot be undone. It can be covered by other text and images but that will degrade the look and feel of the video and anyone who wants to place it on their web page would not do that because that would degrade the look, feel, and popularity of their site. They also promote your web page when others embed your video on their web site. If your video goes viral your watermark goes viral with it, promoting your business, or website as it goes along for the ride.
You can add a watermark in programs like Adobe Elements, CyberLink PowerDirector, and Pinnacle Studio. You need to design the text for the watermark and overlay it over your video. You then need to use the options of your software program to make the text transparent. This is usually done with some type of PIP (picture-in-picture) effect. Watch this tutorial on how to create a watermark to see more. You can also visit to see more video editing software.
No matter what you are placing on the video it is always paramount to look after your time, money, and investments. Using a watermark is one low-cost and simple way to protect your company.

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