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How To Use Programs To Produce A Clone Effect In Your Films.

December 10, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Making video effects for your films can seem like a daunting task. We watch videos and films everyday which have fantastic effects which wow us and blow our minds. We also see “B” movies where we laugh and snicker at video effects. If you are making a video or film for viewing by your relatives or an audience you want to create quality video effects.

Have you ever watched a film or television program with a clone effect? Have you ever wondered…”How did they do that?” Or said to yourself….”That looks cool!” Well, with the precise set up, equipment, and software program, you can do it to. All it takes is a little know how and you’ll have a astonishing effect that you can place into your projects. After you study this article check out the video editing tutorials on for tutorials on how to clone in Adobe, Pinnacle, and CyberLink.

The initial thing you should do is select your location. If you can, film your recording in a controlled setting. A controlled location is one where you can dictate the light, sound, and camera angles. You want to monitor the light because you want to make certain that all of the shadows are the same in each shot. If one clone has a shadow to the left and one has a shadow to the right your effect will look artificial. Use soft box lighting to control the environment. If you don’t have soft box lights make sure you take your shots back to back so the lights and shadows are the same in both shots. You would like to control the sound because you do not want sounds in one shot that is not in the other. And you want to make sure that you take the shot from the same camera angle. Using numerous camera angles will give your shot away and throw the effect off. Make sure you use a stand. This will assure that you shoot from the same angle and the identical location every time you make one of the clones.
You’ll need to shoot two shots of the subject doing different things to create the clone. Make sure you have a good camcorder that can be used to modify the lighting and sound if needed. You’ll need a good video editing software program. You can use Adobe Premiere Elements, Pinnacle Studio, or CyberLink PowerDirector to make a sweet clone effect.

View our full demonstration on how to clone in Adobe Premiere Elements 8. This tutorial will walk you through the full description of how to clone. If you need more information or use different video editing software you can always use the link in the second paragraph to get an abundance of information on video editing and video editing software.

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