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What You Need To Know About Windows Phone 7

December 10, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Microsoft, as everyone knows by now, is a major player in technological pursuits. The company has made its presence felt in the realm of smartphones with the Windows Phone operating system. Found on several models of handsets, Windows Phone is an operating system and experience all of its own. The latest version is Windows Phone 7, and here are some things to expect from it.

Several regions of the world experienced the launch of Windows Phone 7 in November of 2010. The user interface found on 7 is known as Metro. Microsoft has dubbed the home screen the Start screen, a title familiar to those who have Windows on their PC. On the Start screen is a series of Tiles, buttons that act almost like thumbnailed widgets. They provide links to applications, email clients, and many other customizable functions and features. Tiles experience real time updates, making for instantaneous email flags and stock quotes among other alerts. Tiles can be added, deleted, and rearranged according to the user’s needs.

On Windows Phone 7, organizational tools known as Hubs combine functions and features with similar traits into groups. Content found both locally and online are integrated with social network sites like Facebook and Windows Live. Contacts found on Gmail, Facebook, and Windows Live are gathered together by what is known as the People Hub, creating a single place from which to update and organize all of these contacts. Another hub is the Video and Music Hub and it integrates with Zune to accommodate multimedia activities. The style and operation of the Hub is reminiscent of Zune itself. For gaming, the Games Hub integrates with Xbox LIVE. Windows Phone 7 also features Windows Phone Marketplace and Microsoft Office.

The browser on Windows Phone 7 is a version of Internet Explorer Mobile that has been described as a hybrid of IE7 and IE8. Specific sites can be placed on the Start screen in the form of a Tile and six tabs running parallel to one another are supported by the browser. Pages are shared with others using email and the browser can perform inline searching tasks. Flash Player 10.1 will soon be offered by Adobe on Windows Phone 7 phones. Users of Windows Phone 7 handsets can steam YouTube video, and the Video and Music Hub can store them.

Windows Phone 7 is made for combining multimedia with cell phone functions in an easy to use and slick package. Customer favorites were considered when creating the OS. The result is an enjoyable smartphone experience for those who want more out of a cell phone.

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