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How To Use Programs To Produce A Teleport Effect In Your Video Clips.

December 11, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

Have you ever watched a TV show or a film where someone teleported from one position to another? Have you ever looked at a film where someone vanished into a puff of smoke? Ever wanted to do that with one of your videos?

Making video effects for your films can seem like a frightening task. We look at movies and films all the time which have remarkable effects which wow us and blow our minds. We also see “B” movies where we laugh and scoff at video effects. If you are creating a video or film for viewing by your household or an audience you want to create exceptional video effects.
You can set up a teleport effect if you have the awareness of how it’s made and a little persistence. With the precise set up, equipment, and software program it’s pretty easy.

In a matter of mere minutes you’ll have a wonderful effect for your video productions. After you read this piece check out the video editing tutorials on for information, tutorials, and helpful hints for all of your video production and video software needs.
The first thing you should do is pick a still and tranquil location, if at all possible outdoors. You want to make sure that it isn’t too windy and you don’t want anything but your subject moving in your shot. If you have other things moving or if it is windy the shot will not be polished when you put it all together. Other things will be teleporting or vanishing along with your subject if you involve other moving objects in your shot. You want to be conscious of the light because all of the shadows must be the identical in every shot. If the sun is in the east for the first shot and the sunlight is in the west for the second shot the teleport effect will look pretty tacky.

Be sure to acquire both shots back to back so the lighting is comparable. You want to control the sound since you do not want sounds in one shot that is not in the other. Who will trust that your subject genuinely teleported if there is a sound of a car horn when he disappears and a sound of a vacuum cleaner when he returns? Be sure to shoot all your shots from the same camera angle. Using various camera angles will give your shot away and throw the effect off. Make sure you use a tripod. This will assure that you shoot from the same angle and the same position each time your subject teleports.
To create this effect you’ll need three shots. All shots need to be done with a camcorder on a tripod so that the camcorder by no means moves. First you’ll need one shot of the area where the effect will occur with no action, movement, or sound. Second you’ll need one shot of the subject leaping in one location, and one shot of the subject jumping in another location. These shots must be done in the same area where you got the first shot of the environment without any action. Make sure you have a high-quality camcorder that can be used to tweak the lighting and sound if needed. You’ll need a good video editing software program. You can use Adobe Premiere elements, Pinnacle Studio, or CyberLink PowerDirector to make a great teleport effect.
View our full demonstration on how to teleport in Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate Collection HD or CyberLink PowerDirector 8. These tutorials will walk you through the full explanation of how to teleport. If you need more info or use different video editing software you can always use the link in the second paragraph to get an abundance of information on video editing and video editing software.

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