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Microsoft Dynamics NAV : The Basics Explained

December 14, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

One of the questions most asked by mid-sized company managers is how to best make use of their resources and increase productivity. Microsoft must have heard these questions, because their software Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps companies do just that. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise planning software that shows companies how to best use their resources. In this article we will take a look at Microsoft Dynamics NAV, along with the many ways it can help your company to increase its overall effectiveness.

In business today, simplicity is the name of the game, and that’s exactly what you’ll receive when you implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a “complete enterprise resource planning” software that is quick to install and implement and extremely easy to use. Whatever your business may be, or wherever it’s located, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you succeed with solutions which are industry-specific and functional and available in more than 40 country versions.

Companies that wish to be competitive, regardless of the type of industry they represent, must become more simplified. Microsoft Dynamic NAV is a software package that can assist managers in assessing each phase of the operation to maximize productivity. It does this by gathering, centrally storing and integrating all company-related data, from supply chain to personnel. Instead of having data spread out over five or six departments, everything is contained in one program with role-tailored access to help each member of your team increase their productivity.

Often times in business, the everyday, run-of-the-mill tasks get in the way of what actually needs to be done. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, however, each day your employees will have access to the information and tasks which are relevant to their particular phase of the operation, with a quick view that prioritizes those tasks based on productivity. And if the needs of your business change, Microsoft Dynamics NAV can quickly adapt to those changing needs by adding functionality and custom applications. It truly is a smart business solution.

As businesses grow, they often need assistance managing and evaluating each phase of the operation—especially when information is spread out over several departments. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a simple solution by effective gathering and storing that information into a single, easy-to-use program which is easily configured to meet the needs of any type business throughout the world.

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