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Automatic Monitoring Of The Network Computers System

December 20, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

If you are working as a system administrator or owning and directing any kind of small organization by yourself, one day you will realize that your business is growing. The more stuff are working in it, the more are needed. The more computers are needed, the bigger your local network became, and the more utilities, programs and servers are started every day. It is quite a hard task to take care of their health. Let’s review a few examples and investigate what kind of problems you can confront.

No person is normally think about this, but it is pretty important to control the amount of available free space on your HDD drive, because some services might fail due to an unability to save its data. And you can actually lose this data. In addition, low disk space might make it impossible for your paging file to increase its size to support virtual memory.

Here is another case. Sometimes utilities can load CPU very high. For example, when too many instances are connected to some service, or when too many complex calculation tasks are running at the same time. If they do it for a significant period of time, processor can get superheated and badly hurted, and your system will not function correctly.

In both cases it is a good idea to learn about the possible issue before it will actually come. As the system administrator, it is your work to keep an eye on all constituents. The status of computer resources and usage can change dramatically over time. Services may stop working. Disk systems may run out of space. Applications can throw errors, which in turn can cause the system issues. If you own one computer, then probably you can handle this by yourself. When you have several computers, it becomes the real problem. Thankfully, you will not need to manage it manually, you just need a network monitoring software that can do the dirty work for you.

ProtoMon is a easy-to-use network and server monitoring software that will automatically monitor the system parameters of the unlimited number of the remote computers. You will just need to install a small and fast ProtoMonAgent system service on every computer you need to monitor. This service uses very small amount of memory and CPU resources. It is able to monitor almost every aspect of the system including CPU and memory usage (global and per process), free disk space, running system services and processes, registry values, etc.

ProtoMon periodically queries the agents’ statuses. In a one query it can control any number of the remote system parameters. You need to enter the success criteria – a logical formula containing one or more inequations with macroes connected together by the boolean operators (and, or). Each macros calculates one computer variable: maximum CPU usage, free pagefile size, process status, etc. If the success criteria are not met, the software will notify you immediately by the different types of notifications. It can display a pop-up notification window, playback a sound, launch any utility, or send a notification email to the system administrator. Well, it cannot make you a coffee. So while you are making a coffee, let ProtoMon to monitor your network.

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