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Effortless Way To Install A Screen Protector On The IPhone

December 20, 2010 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

You have aquired your new iPhone 4 and it has likley to have cost you an absolute fortune!.You placed your shiny new iPhone 4 in your coat pocket with your keys and it damages the screen! Sounds like a same old story!

However, the wise ones amongst you had probably invested in a screen protector possibly when you purchased the phone, or if you were lucky enough it was packaged with one.

What is a screen protector you may ask?. Well the screen protector comprises of a sticky piece of film, which lays on top of your iPhone’s screen therefore defending the surface from scratches and dust etc.

Ok, so you have aquired this piece of sticky film be, it a clear one, anti-glare or a mirror one, you read the manual on how to install the screen protector and you feel fairly confident that you can install the screen protector with ease. You get your screen protector, line up the film and set out to apply it.

You notice that the film is not quite lined up right and you try to pull the film back and re-apply, this is when you notice all the tiny bubbles forming under your screen protector, complete with a miniscule amount of dust! One brand new and probably quite pricey screen protector destroyed!

There is only one way to stick this piece of film to the iPhone and solve all your screen nightmares is to do it like this:

First up, make sure that all the dust is completely clear of the iPhone and I mean completely clear. It only takes one tiny amount of dust on the film to completely ruin your process, this is so decisive, however, I will inform you of a trick to get rid of the dust speck at the very end of this article.

Secondly, once you have a good clear dust free screen, place the screen protector and line up the screen protector so that the earphone slit is lined up with the screen protector’s own. This will give you a good indication whether your screen protector is lined up with the iPhone.
When the screen protector is lined up with your iPhone take a credit card or something that does the same job, as long as it has a hard edge (some screen protectors are supplied with their own piece of plastic) and get ready to press the screen protector onto the iPhone’s.

With the credit card in one hand very slowlywithdraw the plastic film on the back of the and at the same time apply the screen protector with the credit card on to the iPhone’s screen surface pushing out all the bubbles in the process. This should insure that the screen protector is correctly applied.

Thats all!.Hopefully you will now enjoy a bubble free iPhone!

TIP: If you have done exactly as above and you have still managed to collect some dust then pull back the film and withdraw the dust with some scotch tape (or sellotape)., then re-apply.

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