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MSD Organizer: Full-Featured And Friendly To Use Organizer Software, Ideal For Individuals, Professionals And Companies

December 25, 2010 By: lilybird Category: Software

MSD Organizer is a full-featured, easy-to-use and secure tool for any home user, professional, or corporation who needs to plan routine activities, handle appointments, keep control over tasks, manage contacts, take notes and keep a professional and private diary.

Many thousands users around the world are using it daily. Give it a try and we are certain that MSD Organizer will be the most important application in your computer.

MSD Organizer is a pim software which gives modules which make it a good scheduling software, personal organizer, calendar software, appointment software, organizer software, task software, planner software, reminder software, task management software and diary software.

Besides these modules, typically found in other info managers, MSD Organizer also includes some extra modules that make this pim software unique:

– Property: provide your real state information, bank accounts, investments and inventory, and the application will show the development of your property from year to year, in a chart.

– Budget: enter your income and costs and the program will show monthly and yearly budget info, which should be very useful to understand if you can afford the purchase of a new auto, for example.

– Health: enter your family health info and the program will enable you to view and print reports that can be shown to your doctors.

– Music: let the program scan your hard disks for songs, and hear your fave music while you are working.

– Union: this module gathers basic info of all the other modules, making it better to find data when you do not know precisely where it is stored.

Another unique feature of MSD Organizer is the History tool, which enables you to keep a record of the relations of the user with banks, clients, firms or any other personal or professional contact. The History may store records of telephone calls, received or sent mails, meetings, agreements, appointments, contracts, etc . This is certainly one of the most useful tools of this program.

In addition to these modules, MSD Organizer features stand alone tools like a word processor, a spreadsheet and an image viewer. Any record in the program may contain a word processor document, a spreadsheet and an image. If the user needs to associate more documents to any record, the History tool permits you to associate an infinite number of documents to any record.

Last but not least, MSD Organizer features a password manager that makes it easy to log on to password-protected sites. Rather than recalling masses of user names and passwords, you just need to recall one.

When you will need to find any valuable information for you or your company, is when you may become aware of all of the power of this program. You will be able to find any information in a second.

All the reports produced by this organizer software can be saved to disk in PDF format.

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