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Are You Looking For Docking System For Your Iphone? This Review Can Help You To Make Good Decision

January 19, 2011 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

This is a review about ipod docking station

I see this dock system looks good, i try to find out about this product on internet by browsing about sony docking system for ipod and i see few features of this product :
Compatible with iPod and iPhone. Simply dock your iPod or iPhone and your music will play to a high output speaker and subwoofer.

Optional expandability. The iPod Dock with Subwoofer can be paired with up to 8 additional S-AIR client speakers
It allows you to transmit high quality audio from your iPod to multiple rooms in your home.

Control your iPod or iPhone from across the room using the included IR wireless remote control.
The Dock for iPod plus Subwoofer brings your

favorite songs to life with superb audio quality.
Enjoy crisp, clear highs from the two speakers, and deep, resonant bass from the included wireless subwoofer.

The included wireless subwoofer lends your favorite music a pleasing depth and resonance without sacrificing higher frequency performance.
This is my review about this product.

“Awesome sound for the size of the speakers! Bass is great and better than anything you can get from a Bose SoundDock for the iPod / iPhone. I purchased both, set them up side by side at home and after a few minutes the Bose was wrapped back up and sent back! Great quality sound with BASS for the money and its WIRELESS! Did i mention this thing puts out some serious BASS??? = ) I know I ‘ m over – commenting on the BASS thing but seriously, the biggest drawback of any tabletop system is that they just don ‘ t put out any bass. Zip, Zero, Nada! And guess what ladies and gentlemen, no matter what you listen to, YOU NEED BASS!! Sony’s solution is to add speakers WIRELESSLY. Great product overall A + + + + ” This Sony ALTUS AIR – SW10TI iPod Dock has 2 built – in speakers which proposal up to 5 watts of and the wireless Subwoofer delivers a plush and subterraneanThe sound on this is actually in reality supereminent. The sub woofer is pulchritudinous compact and being wireless, apart that is from the mains cable, it can be placed anywhere.

This is some buyer review that can give you great attitude about this product.
From : R. Glover (rate : 5/5)
“I really struggled with deciding on the “right” iPhone dock for me. I considered the Bose SoundDock II and the SoundDock 10 and yes, they have outstanding sound quality but I just wasn’t ready to fork over $300 and $600 respectively. I plugged in my iPhone and loved the sound. Since this unit has a separate wireless sub-woofer, you get the benefit of a full sound experience! The highs are very crisp and the bass provides the missing link that completes the experience. The sound quality is amazing and when compared to the SoundDock II, the Sony wins without question.

Another advantage over the Bose is the fact that you can expand this system by purchasing additional wireless speakers(up to 8) for other rooms in your home. This is a feature that’s not available from the Bose offerings.

Overall, for about 1/2 the price of the entry level Bose (SoundDock II), Sony offers an outstanding package that delivers a very satisfying sound experience. Highly recommended!

Good luck with your purchase! From : zephyr (rate : 5/5)
“This has excellent sound reproduction from my iPod. Not a “cheap piece of plastic”. Love the wireless factor and was relieved/thrilled that there is no interference with the other wireless electronics in the house.

I bought mine from Circuit City–because they offered free shipping.”

This is a review about ipod docking station

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