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Samsung Netbook NB30

February 14, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Quick Information on Samsung NB30
Netbooks are a category of laptop computers which are small, light weight, legacy free and inexpensive. These net books were introduced in late 2007 and with the passage of time netbooks have grown in size and features. NB30 introduced by Samsung as Samsung netbook. Samsung NB30 is a durable netbook throughout from inside and outside. It is always on guard to keep its content safe. NB30 is easy resolution manager, have genuine windows and is highly reliable, durable and fashionable.

Samsung NB30 is 10inch mini laptop and has a semi rugged case design. This semi case rugged design keeps it protected from scratches and fingerprints. It has a keyboard which is spill resistant and very easy to type on. Hard drive sensor is also present to keep the disk protected. These sensors shut down temporarily to protect it from damage in case it falls. The battery life of Samsung NB30 is reasonably good and touchpad is also decent. If your net book is important for your lifestyle then you should provide it the protection which it deserves.
The unique S pattern is made from the stylish and protective material which keeps Samsung netbook safe and reduces the risk of scratches and fingerprints. it has genuine windows 7 starter and is packed with multimedia features. This genuine starter aims to unlock all the potential of your mini notebook and is designed exclusively for home or students use. This starter has brought you into the digital age providing much ease. The netbook incorporates advance and innovative technologies to offer high speed access to the internet and also to your data anywhere and anytime.

With NB30 you don’t need to get around because you have got the intuitive touch screen panel along with play touch S/W program. You can click and drag with more ease than before. With easy resolution manager you can see whole picture on your netbook and if your application sustains a higher resolution ,you can adjust to get crisper imager and bolder colors. NB30 also have failsafe theft deterrence which helps you track the location of missing computer in case it is lost or stolen. Not only can this but you can also lock the device and manage, encrypt, retrieve or erase vital data.
NB30 also provides you an innovative remote PC function for your home or office PC from your notebook. You can send, retrieve and transfer documents even movies and music quickly and securely no matter where you are.NB30 also provides Bluetooth functionality and with the help of this, you can send audio to external speaker , data to printer and also retrieve contacts from your PDA or phone. Samsung NB30 is the best choice if you here searching for excellent netbook.