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Why Aluminum Carrying Cases Are The Best?

February 20, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

The Business professionals often take the Aluminum Carrying Cases because it gives a professional look. The professional appearance was often emphasized by business people since they want to formulate a good first intuition on the client. With no good appearance, it’s hard to win the client’s heart. With a professional look and if you are presentable, you’ll have a high chance of cracking business deals.

Before using these laptop carrying aluminum cases, the fabric cases were utilized by the business professionals. The fabric case was the standard laptop aluminum cases since, a longer time. Many departmental stores sell these fabric cases since they are cheaper than the other cases. Populace often prefers to purchase the fabric briefcase since they are not ready to spend money for buying a quality briefcase. This fabric briefcase has numerous weak points. It’s non water resistant. Water can easily enter the padding as well as it can damage your laptop anytime.

The fabric was well known for its ability to absorb water. When it’s exposed to water, it’ll immediately become wet. Because of this advantage of fabric, laptops would be spoilt and the chips of the laptop might go bad and it would not function, might lead to short circuit. These chips would not function if it’s exposed to water. While the chips were damaged, you would have to buy the spoilt parts of the laptop. The rate of the spare parts would cost you the same as that of buying a new laptop.
Therefore, it’s not suggested to you to use these fabric cases. In addition, the majority fabric cases use the zipper closure in place of a 3 digit combination lock.

Unluckily if a thief wants to steal your laptop, he/she would just unzip it. Some robbers will cut the fabrics of the briefcase for stealing the laptop. In case you seldom carry this laptop, you may use the fabric laptops case for some extra protection. However, in case if you are on a regularly journey to meet the clients; you need to go for the aluminum carrying cases.

The laptop fetching case overcomes all these disadvantages of the fabrics case. It is tough and hard and would not be damaged in case if it is succumbed below a heavy pressure. In case it is succumbed, this won’t crack like a plastic case. It would not show any worn signs even if you have used it for a long period of time. These aluminum cases are the best in term of security. It is equipped with the 3 digit combination lock thus no one can flick your laptop. These three digit combination locks are harder to hack since the thief had to guess a numeric password. If a typical lock is used, that thief can break and unlock it easily. The 3 digit combination lock is available in the majority of the metal briefcases. The dual key locks are also obtainable in a few of the briefcases.

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