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Webmaster Resources – Backlinks

March 05, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Webmaster/Design

Webmaster Resources

Topic: What are Back-Links?

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Back-links also known as Inbound Links, come either from pages on other domains or from other pages on your own website. Originally inbound links were important as a primary means of web navigation because there were no search engines but today their main purpose is to drive traffic towards your site and their main significance is how they effect your search engine optimization. The quantity of back-links is an off-page factor used by search engines to rank a website’s natural search results for a particular search term or in other words some search engines use back-link as an indicator towards the popularity of a site. Firstly one of the most important things to realise is that because search engines are text based, good search engine optimization would be to incorporate page-content-relative anchor text in the placement of your back-link through which you should hope for targeted visitors. Secondly the quantity and quality of these back-links represent the most important factor in determining a site’s Page Rank

Natural Back-Links

Natural back-links are just what they sound like. Through the passing of time other websites lay down links to your site because they think your website worthy of mention. These are the best kind of links. They cost you nothing, are usually relative to the sending sites content and are highly regarded by search engines because they come from sites that are not known to be sellers of back-links.

Commercial Back-Links

So back-links are big industry and a commercial goldmine (or landmine). To those websites who have already achieved high PR ranking, they can sell specifically placed links to lower ranked websites and usually do so at quite a high price. These links do help your PR ranking if they are from content relevant web pages. Moreover they can bring your website good traffic, but at a cost which you have to weigh up. Some of the more advanced search engines are aware of linking farms, websites that sell links, and actually penalise your website for using these services. So a s a general rule try not to end up with links coming from a list on some irrelevant blog.

So the real trick is building back-links that are relevant, and also that come from websites or blogs that have a high PR ranking. We have found that often if a search engine such as Google finds a back-link of 2 or more PR points higher than your own, it will increase your chances of an upgrade of your own PR to 2 points lower than that website. For this reason try to aim for “relevant” back-links from sites that have a PR rank two points higher than your own or more. The more you have the more likely your rank will increase and as a natural result your web traffic will also increase.

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