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HP Envy 17 3D Comparison

March 25, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Hp has staked its state they making several of the best media center desktop replacement laptops on the market today with the Envy to line of premium laptops. While accountant los angeles 3D-enabled laptops available, like the Lenovo IdeaPad Y560D ($1,399, 3 Stars) and ASUS G51J-1B 3D ($1,700, 3.5 Stars), the Hp Envy 17-1190N (3D) ($1,599.99 direct) puts a 3D display inside a quality package.

The 3D version is physically just like the non-3D Envy 17, and our general impressions of the design and construction remain the same (plus some these observations are removed from that earlier review). Having a slim, but heavy, aluminum and magnesium chassis, the Envy 17 is a lesser amount of a desk-hogging system than quite a lot of its 17-inch counterparts, leading us to match it with the (still slimmer) 17-inch MacBook Pro. The similarities even extend to the backlit keyboard and oversize clickpad. The same subtle pattern of imprinted squares covers the wrist rest and back of the lid as we have seen on other Envy laptops, and the construction feels rock-solid and durable. A lot better, this is certainly one among the few truly fingerprint-proof laptops we’ve find.

Keyboard and Touchpad
The full sized chiclet-style keyboard is nice, and advantages from the integrated numeric pad. The keys have a firm response and smooth motion. Even better, the keyboard comes standard with backlight that vastly improves keyboard usability in dark environments. Though the multitouch clickpad employed by Hp has proven in the past for being problematic, it looks in my opinion almost like Hp has been doing the work to polish out a number of the rough spots. Once i worn the extender the multitouch support was smooth and accurate, letting me use two-fingered scrolling and zoom successfully.

For the non-3D version of the Envy 17, Hp offers a BrightView Infinity display, which has a 1600 x 900 resolution, standard viewing angles, along with a 60-percent color gamut. However, the 3D has a higher-res Ultra BrightView Infinity display, that has 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, wide viewing angles, a 72-percent color gamut, along with a refresh rate of 120Hz. The notebook also packs ATI’s Eyefinity multi-display technology, which lets users connect nearly three external monitors, provided you are attached via mini DisplayPort.

This computer is designed for business and entertainment. It’s classified for a business machine, though big pushes on both the Beats audio and the 3D capability, we understand better – this machine was made to provide you with the visuals and the audio.

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