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Microsoft Training Course Providers – Tips And Advice For Finding A Good One

March 25, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Software

A Microsoft certified training course provider is an independent company (not part of Microsoft) that uses knowledge and expertise gained from Microsoft certified training programs to teach trainees how to use, or make better use of Microsoft certified products such as the Windows operating systems, spreadsheets and other software. By further advancing the skills of your employees on specific software, you can ultimately increase production, efficiency, output and therefore cash flow, as long as you choose the right training provider.

Training providers are businesses that pay to acquire Microsoft accreditation and in order to do so, must meet stringent quality control measures, one of which being that there must be at least 2 members of the workforce that have current Microsoft Certification and real-world experience in Microsoft products. If you are looking for a provider to train yourself or your employees, an internet search will give you a few options, but to find a training provider that will be right for you may take a little more effort.

Initially you should begin by deciding if you or your employees will be taking an online course, a course taken at a training facility or possibly even at your place of work. Obviously an online course will be easier, although it can be argued that without physical guidance and face to face interaction with the trainer and other students, learning can be compromised. In addition, there needs to be a high level of self-motivation from students. A course taken at a training facility will normally be the most effective solution as all functions will be provided for and the environment will be more orientated towards learning. If logistics becomes an issue or your company has tight deadlines which could cause a problem with employees away on a training course, a good compromise is having a trainer come to your place of work to run the course.

Now you have an idea of the type of training you want, you now need to find a provider that can meet your needs. Have a search online, though local business directories and in local and national newspapers and IT magazines and create a list of possible training providers. Then, narrow down that list by removing providers that are logistically impractical and cannot provide the specific software training you desire. Make sure the businesses that are left can prove their abilities and certification, have ample experience and can provide training to Microsoft standards using Microsoft official learning materials, as any certified training provider must do.

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