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IPhone Case – The Best Way To Protect Your IPhone

March 29, 2011 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

A gadget from Apple, iPhone, has become a prized possession that you can have today. When you have it into your hands you have to have been overwhelmed by their looks, technology and design packed inside it. You must have a feeling that your heart soaring high at fulfilling one of your cherished desires.

The gadget really is a awesome that has changed the cell phone niche. Not every one gets to purchase such a hi-tech gadget and therefore you must have been tempted to show the iPhone to people you recognize such as your friends, relatives and even your neighbors. However, such a delicate thing requires proper care to ensure that it isn’t dropped and prevent scratches from developing on its delicate touch Liquid Crystal Display screen. The best protective gear for your LCD might be iphone 5 case.

With the main appearance of iPhone on the scene, lots of iPhone covers have been available in the market. Lots of these covers in different shapes, sizes and colors are sale which lets you an opportunity to select one that matches your fancy or match up to your desire. Among the array that is available Outerbox Defender iPhone cover has become quite popular.

The makers of Outerbox are not new to such gear; they have been creating the cases for quite sometimes, waterproof cases meant for cell phones, PDAs and iPods. And it was naturally desired that they will surely launch with cases for iPhones as well.

The beauty of Outerbox defender iPhone case is that even with the case on you are still able access the controls with very easy like headphone jack, the camera volume control etc. The case isn’t so bulky with a size: 4.80″ x 2.675inchi x 0.76inchi. The cover is quite slim at its dimensions and isn’t that bulky anyway to carry around. The case isn’t only slim but water-resistant as well. Thus the iPhone is protected against moist environment effectively. Although the cover can not provide 100% protection from water, it can however keep the mobile phone protected from precipitation and mild drizzle. The benefit of the Outerbox covers is that you are able carry your mobile phone in the cover itself because the case has a clip with holster which makes traveling rather easy and safe.

Outerbox cover is designed in such a way that it can easily adapt to nearly all the vital models of the gadget like 4GB, 8GB and even the 16GB model of iPhone. While other iPhone covers that are available in the store don’t give adequate access to the iPhone utilities, Outerbox case, on the other hand give access to the touch screen without much ado. This is due to the fact that Outerbox cases have a special film to protect the touch sensitive screen while safeguarding it. The Outerbox cases are made with 3 layers, all of which has a function as protection. Of the three layers the outer layer is made of silicone, which gives added safety to the iPhone in terms of drops and bumps.

The Outerbox case is designed in such a manner that you can access the headphone jack head, volume controls, home buttons, and sleep buttons without any ado. The case is also provided with one clip that could be attached to your belt and provides protection to the LCD from any type of impact.

The Outerbox iPhone case isn’t very expensive and probably the best that is available. Therefore you should not take any opportunity with your smart phone and get the iphone 5 cases as soon as you purchase the iPhone.

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