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Getting Started In On The Mobile Universe

March 31, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Mobile

These days there are so many different ways in which communication and marketing has evolved. If not all, then most of the information getting to consumers happens through two main channels, namely mobile or online. This is the main reason why Skillpod Media has developed both an online and mobile games platform.

The purpose of the mobile games platform is the glue to brings it all together a selection of games into a mobi site where visitors can the play. By using the tools on offer in the platform you will be able to grow your own interactive mobile community. There are many different social elements integrated into it that makes it possible for players to have a number of ways to interact with one another.

When visitors get to the site they can register through the site or they can use their Facebook Connect or OpenID to log in. From there they can then design their own custom avatars or just get right into having fun with the games. There are a couple of multiplayer games that people in the network can play against one another. Then to go with the multiplayer games is the integrated chat which makes it possible for players to chat with others in the community.

Players are also helped along the way starting with the creation of their profile pages and avatars through to guides on how to play the games that they are not familiar with. For those who are very competitive there are tournaments that can be set up as well as high score leader boards where players can work their way up to the top. There are also badges that players can attempt to get their hands on, which is only possible to get by playing on a regular basis and really getting good at some of the games.

Where website owners really start to benefit is with the extra money that can be made through the Micro Payments. The Micro Payments are there for purchasing pods, which is the currency used by the mobile games platform. The pods can be used for a couple of different things. Players can use pods to enter tournaments and depending on if they get in the top 3, they can win pods and exclusive trophies.

If players are looking to make some interesting changes to improve the look of their avatars, they can do it by buying items using their pods. You can also get power ups in certain games that can be bought with your pods, which go a long way in helping to get through some difficult sections in the games.

If you are wondering about the advertising there are interactive post game screens that you would be able to manage using the different back office tools available to you. There are many useful reports available to help with the tracking of purchasing, fraud, demographic, registrations and host of others.

It is futile to ignore the potential of the mobile market. A whole generation is using it as their number one communication tool and interacting with each other on a daily basis. The mobile games platform is a valuable addition to any company who wants to jump head first into the wonderful work of mobile.

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