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Tips On How To Use The Best 40 Popular Features Of IPhone 3. 0

May 19, 2011 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

The brand new iPhone operating system, apple iphone OS 3. 0, that is certainly coming out Wednesday June 17th, gives the iphone features. While some of these are brand new, others are just compact little additions which change the method that you iPhone. The following list points every cool new feature and describes just how to use each 1.

1. Forward or Remove duplicate content Individual Messages
This feature helps you manually select individual messages from a text message conversation, and forward them directly to another patient via text message.
You may as well selectively delete individual emails.
How it works:
* Open a text conversation.
* Tap edit on the top right of this screen.
* Check over messages that interest you.
* Tap forward and also select a recipient.
* OR tap delete to selectively get rid of messages.

2. Email up to 5 photos at this time
The previous iPhone operating systems did not allow you to send more than one picture at any given time as an email attachment. You can now send around 5 at once.
Precisely how it works:
* Head to photos
* Tap the arrow on the bottom left
* Select the photos you need to share
* Press reveal
* Send the email while using automatically attached photos

three. Shake to undo plus redo typing
No matter what iphone application that you’re using, you can undo typing by shaking your own iPhone. If you need your text back, only shake again.

If you had something else written prior to deciding to started writing the sentence in your essay you chose to undo-options, it reverts back to the next. If this was first thing you wrote, it simply erases it.

4. Shake to shuffle
This element is pretty self-explanatory, but is admittedly great – especially for working out. Imagine you’re running or working out during a workout session, and you’re iPhone’s iPod was in shuffle mode. Some mellow, non-workout-appropriate Coldplay song occurs. You have to get your iPhone from the pocket and press next with all your sweaty finger.

With this update, you can keep your iPhone in the pocket (or strapped to your arm when you have an iPhone arm band) and just give it a rapid jiggle.

If you have been in a specific album and also playlist, it shuffles inside that album or playlist. Otherwise, it just picks a random song from the whole library.
5. Copy/Cut/Paste
The basic copy/cut/paste feature allows users to decide on, copy or cut, and paste text from also to anywhere on the apple iphone. In other words, you’ll be able to copy text from a app or a Safari site, and paste it in to Notes or Email – it works everywhere.
Precisely how it works:
* 2 bottle tap a word
* Lug the blue markers to highlight your desired text
* Choose cut/copy
* 2 bottle tap a typable region and press Paste
Or maybe:
* Hold a word until the magnifying glass appears
* Release
* Selections “Select” and “Select All” seem
* Pressing select or select all brings up the blue markers… you know how to proceed
Deleting with select:
* By selecting a new fragment of text while using two blue markers, you’ll be able to press backspace and delete the complete phrase/sentence/paragraph. (Before you’d to hold down backspace.).

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