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Data Destruction Processes Protecting Your Company

June 05, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Data Recovery/Security

Data security and data protection are very important and in fact essential for all the organizations these days. Destruction of unwanted and useless data is an integral part of the data protection drive. There are data destruction tools available today which are used by the data management companies for efficient handling of the data and safe disposal of the data when it is of no use.

The Data protection Act makes it mandatory for all the organizations to safeguard their data and make sure that any sensitive information remains away from the public domain. Most of the data is saved on computers, hard drives of the servers, laptops and other similar electronic devices. The destruction of such data needs lot of specialization and experience. Data recycling agencies can be hired for disposing off such data. They can destroy this data at your site or at their treatment facility as per your company’s policy.

There are many techniques and tools which are adopted for destruction of sensitive and confidential data. The selection of these tools and techniques depends on the devices which are used for storing the data and the level of sensitivity of the data. If the data is stored in physical form then the best way to dispose it off is by shredding it. There are industrial dis-integrators and shredders which are mounted on vehicles and can be easily moved to the site where the data is to be destroyed. These tools can easily reduce hard disk drives, mobile phones, data tapes, digital cameras, CD’s etc to a size of 2mm. If the information is really too sensitive then the particles can be made even smaller.

Degaussing is another way to dispose of the data. In this process the devices bearing the data is destroyed by using a large magnetic field. The limitation of this process is that it can be used only for magnetic devices and cannot be used for optical devices like DVDs and CD’s. For destroying the optical media shredding or disintegration still remain the best options. Even after Degaussing the devices are further shredded and destroyed physically.

If the devices are shredded or degaussed then they cannot be reused and if these devices are intended to be reused then the confidential data is overwritten. The time taken in overwriting the data is usually 1 GB per minute. Data wiping is not possible if the device is not fully functional. This is a god option otherwise and is cot effective as well because it allows you to reuse the data storage devices.

All these data destruction methods and processes need to meet the government standards and when you hire a data destruction and management company you should see if they meet the standards set by the government or not. This will help you in getting quality services and assurance of high standards. Use of CESG standard products makes the services efficient. You can also check for the CESG Claims Test Marked services.

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