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Samsung Thin Laptop

July 01, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Samsung Series 9 notebook: The Best Notebook on the Market
The Samsung Series 9 notebook is a powerhouse that is suitable for everyone. This computer contains the specifications necessary to provide quality use for an extended period of time. Consumers should not be fooled by other laptops that try to imitate the Series 9; they will be disappointed!

The Samsung Series 9 notebook is the latest laptop that is lightweight and garnering a lot attention. This notebook weights only 2.3 pounds and uses a standard battery; this device is a mere 11.6 inches. Compared to other laptops, this device has superior specifications. The Samsung Series 9 notebook is up-to-date with powerful features and components. This device was released recently and is planning to stay for a while.

Obviously, samsung latest thin laptop competes with other brands that try to be lighter. However, this laptop’s body consists of duralium which is only used by aircraft. This is samsung latest thin laptop, and it is astonishingly .64 inches thick, which is remarkable for a new laptop. The designers certainly nailed the exterior of this technical device. The resolution on this computer is 1366×768; the keyboard also utilizes a chiclet design. This laptop can be used in the dark because the keyboard contains a blacklight for low-lit surroundings.

Samsung new thin laptop uses an Intel Core i3 processor. This processor is timed at 1.33 GHz; using a Turbo Boost Feature, the speed can be adjusted up to 2.3 GHz. Samsung new thin laptop also contains a nifty Intel HD 3000 GPU and a 2 GB DDR3 that can be upgraded; these graphics are proficient and users can upgrade them for gaming. This laptop also contains a 64 GB SSD that uses less power than other laptops; however, it operates 60% faster than conventional hard drives.

The Samsung laptop series 900x will allow users to enjoy smooth, full HD movies. Consumers should get this laptop if they plan on using it for gaming. The integrated GPU functions adequately for most current PC games. The frame rates are decent and gameplay can be modified to fit certain specifications. The Samsung series 900x can last up to seven hours, then it needs to be charged.

The Samsung laptop series 900x is clearly superior to many laptops on the market. This laptop contains the specifications necessary to provide users with satisfactory experiences. Consumers will reap the benefits of this laptop yet face the detriments if they plan to buy other laptops that try to mimic the series 900x’s specifications.

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