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Free IPhone Apps

July 18, 2011 By: lilybird Category: iPhone/iPod

The Apple iPhone app store has emerged as the most comprehensive and impressive collection of smart phone applications in this new and exciting market. Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of apps available for the iPhone, it can be difficult to pick which apps to download, especially when you have only just purchased your phone. Whilst there is a wealth of paid apps to download, some of the most popular and useful are actually free! Here’s a quick and easy guide to the free apps that every iPhone user should download.

1. Twitter for iPhone

Although there are dozens of apps for twitter, this official app is definitely the best. Originally known as “Tweetie” and designed independently, it was bought by Twitter inc. in mid-2010 when they spotted the potential to develop it. It now has the most features, and simplest user-interface of any twitter app out there, both paid and free.

2. Facebook

Another social networking tool, facebooking on the go has never been easier with the free official app. Whether you want to take a picture and upload it directly to your profile, or check out your friend’s latest updates, this app does everything the main Facebook site does, and does it anywhere.

3. Instagram

This app is great for the budding photographer in you, as well as the social butterfly. You can select from several professional-looking filters to improve and stylise your photos, and you can then share it with your friends through flickr, foursquare and twitter. This works even better with the iPhone 4, with it’s improved camera and flash.

4. Epicurious

Even if you find most cookery books daunting, this app is fantastic for learning how to cook, and eating healthily. You can select from the hundreds of thousands of recipes on offer through their quick and easy menu system. Either click on one of the pre-made lists, such as “Healthy Breakfasts” or “Kid-Friendly Mains”, or sort through them manually with options like course and dietary requirements. It also makes shopping for ingredients easy, with a built in shopping list which tells you exactly what to get to make your chosen meal.

5. Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift

No iPhone would be complete without at least a couple of games, and Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift is a great place to start. This game is a free gift created by the people that made the insanely popular “Cut The Rope”, which has been in the top 10 Top Paid apps in the app store since just after release. Although not as large as the original game, this Holiday taster still has plenty of levels which will keep you busy, whether it be during a boring commute or at home.

6. eBay mobile

Remember that item you really wanted, but just before the auction ended someone outbid you, and you weren’t home to stop them? You’ll never have to worry about that happening again with the eBay app. Although far more simplistic than the full version, eBay mobile gives you all the functionality you need to search for, monitor, and bid on items you’ve always wanted without having to worry about someone outbidding you because you have to be out of the house as an auction ends.

Although there are literally thousands of other apps that are worth trying out, the above list gives you everything you need to begin getting the most out of your iPhone. Whether it’s social networking, cooking, gaming or shopping, there really is an app for everything!

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