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6 Mobile Media Strategies For Business Success

July 23, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Mobile

Most business owners are not aware of the potential in mobile media marketing particularly how mobile media marketing can help grow their business.

Since the advent of the lap top, smart phone, and tablets, we’re at the beginning of a mobile media revolution.

There are almost 300 million mobile devices in the U.S. Of which 50% of them will be smart phones by the end of this 2011. Most people live very hectic lives, mobile devices makes it very easy to get online, shop and socialize.

If you want to compete and survive in the new mobile media era, you must incorporate a few of these strategies.

First, the most direct way to communicate with your clients is through a text message service.

The average cell phone user sends an average of 600 text per month and the average teenager sends over 3 thousand text messages monthly.

93% of text messages are read and and 82% are read within the first 15 minutes. A test message service can be started for under $50 a month. Email has an open rate of 15-20%, with little control as to when it is opened.

Second, are QR codes, or quick response codes. This is a great way to get your off line advertising to your internet offers. QR codes can store more data than bar codes, so you can include contact information, coupons, discounts, pictures and videos. OR codes can be combined with text messages to get people to sign up to your text message list.

The applications software development industry is fast becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. Have you seen the commercial for, “We have an app for that.” The iphone has over 350,000 applications, to use on your mobile device. Apps are use to enhance the capabilities of your mobile device, everything from medicine to construction. Business owners can develop their own app, customers can download your business onto their mobile devices.

Your business app can keep your customers in touch with your discounts, updates on special events and offer VIP treatment to particular clients.

Another feature of mobile devices are mobile ads, where you place your ads about your business.

Due to the size of the mobile screen, business websites must be mobile optimized. Most customers prefer a mobile site that will upload quickly, easy to see and navigate.

Your business should be registered with Google and the other search engines to get maximum exposure.

You have 6 must have mobile media strategies for your business. I would urge you to start with two things, get your business placement with Google and set up text messaging for business. These two strategies will reduce your marketing budget, increase your communication with your customers and increase your sales.

Edwin Cabrera, Is a NYC retired educator, martial arts Sensei and a business developer. I’m dedicated to helping business owners learn how they can use mobile media marketing to reduce their marketing budget and increase their relationship with their customers. Learn more about mobile marketing and see how text message service can explode your business.

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