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Do Not Skimp On The Child

July 23, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Choosing a computer for the child parents often make the common mistake – come into the store and say, ‘Give us a cheap computer to our baby. ‘ Using a bad monitor the child will tear and have very tired eyes, and the slowness of the unit when working with modern software will not call nothing but irritation. And then to control his communication with the computer will be extremely difficult.

Try to understand for what tasks you need a computer

Ask yourself this question: “Why, actually, I buy a new computer?” From the correct answer will depend not only its price, but your satisfaction and purchase, and, finally, the joy of a child. Absolutely all the modern training programs, office applications therefore does not require the Internet from your PC outstanding characteristics in terms of performance and speed. While advertising and unscrupulous managers in the stores often try to convince us otherwise. However, knowing this, we’re not going to deprive a child of pleasure to listen to music and watch video on a computer.

Make a good monitor

I can advise for a child a monitor of the LCD models (such thin, flat, fine screens).
Take careful to “stuffing” the system unit

Of course, you do not urgently need to become a computer expert. Your task is to find a friend knowledgeable in the subject which could be trusted. But in any case at least a general understanding of what a computer consists is useful, and it will be easier to explain what you need. So, you just have to imagine that the computer has a a processor which is responsible for the performance of your computer (how fast it will respond to your mouse clicks) and memory, the volume of which also affect the speed, hard drive which stores all the information (documents, music, movies, software), and video card – the picture quality on the screen, and drive CD / DVD which helps the computer to read and write CD-ROMs and DVD-discs. A body can be chosen regular which is compact and often has a good design. That’s it. So it is very useful to have a computer at home. You just have to know some things about its work.

In order to choose the right computer you must think for what purposes it will be used. Despite the simplicity of this rule, many people buy a weak computer, which must be upgraded after purchase, or they spend on buying a lot more money than they could, getting obviously more powerful and therefore expensive device.

In this case, most of the power of simply standing idle due to the fact that it is not necessary for the performance of computer problems.

To begin with, decide whether to buy a computer or to build it from parts. Each of these options has its pros and cons.

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