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How To Choose A Computer For A Child?

July 23, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Despite the fact that many parents still believe that computers can only cause harm to the child, the reality is more and more coming. And in this reality it is simply unavoidable without a computer.
More sophisticated parents who understand that modern person cannot isolate himself from the technological advances go to the nearest computer store and pick a computer to the child.

Unfortunately, many parents are not sufficiently well versed in computer technology and cannot choose the right computer or laptop. We will try to give some advice to those interested in how to choose a computer for a child.

1. Necessary to determine for which tasks you need a computer. The answer to this question will largely determine your choice on your computer. While you will be talking to a computer store, remember that most jobs for students are simpler to do with the help of computer. Office applications, tutorials, online work just fine on cheap computers. Of course, to solve complex problems, for graphics, games need more powerful and expensive computers, respectively.

2. No need to save too. After reading the first paragraph of our advice you are probably happy. However, we want to warn you of a global savings glut which could later result in additional expenses. Cheap monitor will spoil your eyes, the cheapest system unit will continue to slow down at work. Two years later you will just have to buy a completely new computer.

3. The quest for new products. The downside is when the parents finally realize that a child without a computer cannot do and then decide to take a “very good” computer. In the computer stores the following sentence immediately interpret in their favor and offer you the most modern, and therefore expensive, computer. It is important to understand that the upper ceiling prices for computers are practically nonexistent. You may want to pick up and configuration for 100t.r. Of course, this is a very powerful and modern computer, but what about that? You do not drive on the roads of the city on a racing car? In addition, we must understand that the latest innovations, precisely because of its revolutionary novelty, are much more expensive and will soon be decreased.

4. A good monitor. Choosing a computer for your child be sure to take high-quality monitor. Otherwise, your child quickly and often get tired eyes, eyesight to deteriorate. In addition, the monitor usually can be used for a long time. Optimal choice at the moment will be the model of companies NEC, Samsung, ViewSonic with a diagonal of 20 “-21”.

5. Pay attention to filling the system unit. Many computer stores offer their customers complete solutions. However, they seal the system unit and do not allow the user to see what’s inside. It is much better to come into the store, where consultants are not trying to sell ready system unit, and offer to find you a suitable configuration.

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