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Why Do We Need The Computers?

July 24, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

It seems that until quite recently, but with firm step personal computers entered in our lives. More recently, they were regarded as an elite thing available not to everyone. But the time passed, technology is rapidly improving, and already every tenth household has a personal computer. For adult members of the family the computer became indispensable, necessary for the job, and for children it is mainly a source of entertainment.

The rapid improvement of the technical data of computers is constantly expanding its capabilities. If the circle before a PC was a bit limited, but now it is hard to find an area or kind of professional person which would not have used computer technology. Today’s PC is the ability to create a huge volume of data banks (particularly the Internet), a quick search and printing of information collection and printing of texts, forms, etc.; settlements in the banking and accounting matters, individual mental and medical diagnostics , processing and output to display or print the results, fashion design, furniture design, planning, apartments and offices, the creation of cartoon frames in animation, commercials, sketch in forensics, software management of vehicles, ships and space satellites. And the list can be carried further.

Now children in every school and even in kindergartens acquire the habits and knowledge of PC using, which are equipped with computer classes. Already in the early grades students begin to master the alphabet in school computer, and some of them “communicate” with interesting and intelligent vehicle and at home mostly in order to have fun.

Do I need to buy a computer for a child?

The desire to get the computer at home for many busy parents stems from a desire to provide gaming entertainment for their children. But, unfortunately, not all parents are thinking about how a computer affects the physical and mental health of a child, not a;; parents comply with all sanitary requirements. For example, it is necessary to limit time for PC games because a long stay in front of the monitor screen may cause visible negative physical well-being of the child, the secretion of certain glands, etc. Electromagnetic vibration and ionizing radiation, even the most secure modern monitors – a large burden on the vision and posture still unformed child’s body. Given this, health requirements are quite adamant: no more than 30 – 40 minutes per day for children of primary school age and not more than one hour – for teens and young adults. The adult should pay particular attention to observing of these rules for children of primary school and preschool children who during the interesting addictive game cannot control time.

But besides the physical health of children, it is important to think about their mental health. Question about the benefits or harm of computer technology today is still open. Psychologists, researchers believe that video game gives the child more opportunities for emotional release of the active rather than passive dressing emotional impressions near the TV screen. Meanwhile, researchers have shown that large doses of video games lead to the accumulation of chronic stress with all the negative consequences for the child’s.

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