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July 24, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Now, we can see very well rapid development of technology – computers, mobile and handheld devices, gaming technology and even robots. Many might call this a positive factor for the development of mankind, but sooner or later everyone is faced with the fact that it is not so good. This is particularly reflected in our children.

As experience shows, the direction and trend of development of mankind is not in the right direction. As a result, people are reaping the fruits of their own and clear up the mess. The only difference is that some earns good money on this, while others, in the face of millions of people are suffering, ruin health and coffin life without realizing it. And what will happen with the health of people who eat during the work of computer? After that, there are a lot of ills and health problems that will not be so easily cured. Games disrupt the human nervous system, chats replace real communication and familiarity with people, porn sites develop inferiority complexes and self-confidence. The trend of online games is staggering. Now millions of people play online games, and this is just the beginning of online gaming. It can be very long and will take an entire book to list all the disadvantages and negative effects on children. I think that this information will be sufficient.

Of course, medicine and the world were faced with the unknown – illness, addictions, hobbies, generated by computer games. Children are ready to sit not leaving the computer for hours or even several days. In European countries where statistics are more carefully than in Ukraine were recorded cases of young people dying in front of computers, first in their minds changed, then violated the physiological processes, turning off the brain, they lost consciousness .

Psychiatrists have given name to this phenomenon – “computer addiction (hysteria).” If such cases are still rare, the transition of adolescents from the real world into the computer is becoming more common. Children skip school, become withdrawn, do not communicate with their friends. If their computer is not at home, they spend their time round the clock in computer clubs. If parents do not let them, they run away from home, getting out through a window or balcony. If the parents do not give money they sell things from the house to pay for these games. In the game it is easy to feel like a hero who conquers the other, to make million dollars, to buy an expensive car. In real life you must make an effort to learn the lessons to learn how to earn money to start a family in the virtual.

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