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Integrated Internet Marketing: Some Tips For Internet Shop

July 25, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Typically, marketing of Internet projects is perceived solely as a work with the site, but not with other related processes. However, one of the biggest mistakes is to divide the sales process into steps “to shop on the Internet” and “order execution in the real world.” It is important to understand that one must be apart from another.

1. The reaction rate

The biggest problem faced by users when purchasing over the Internet is certainly a lack of confidence to the store which still did not work. In part, this problem is solved by various rankings and directories (and therefore a good strategy of internet marketing for the store is very important). Problems of growing distrust known to many site owners to the situation when a customer places an order form in several stores as if not trusting automation. Accordingly, it is important to quickly respond to a request.

2. Transparency of

It is simple enough to set up automatic notification system on the status of an order, but the result will be very significant. In terms of marketing of Internet projects is very important to give to the user to understand what is happening with his order at a time. Accordingly, any change (for example, receive payment or transfer orders in shipping) must notify the customer.

3. Catalogues and Products

A client who is looking for good does not want to spend time on navigation and search structure. Accordingly, the following points are important in Internet marketing strategies:

– You must be ready to address the problem of the user. For example, the most popular products of “human” tags are such as “comfortable”, “most profitable” and so on.

– The same product can be in different “branches” of the tree classification.

4. Optimization of the path order

The overall strategy of Internet marketing to pre-order is to maximize the facilitation of the commission of this action. Accordingly, no need to wait for the user to undertake any efforts to order the product: it is necessary to build a website interface, so that he did not think about how to do it. It is easier and faster – perfect for improving conversion rates. Think of the convenience of product selection, placement of additional buttons “order” in different positions, “lazy” registration without further action, inform at every stage of the order of what to do the next – and you’ll see the conversion starts to grow.

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