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Harm Of Your Computer

July 27, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Personal computer with a geometric rate began to spread among the world’s population in the late 20th century. It has long become one of the most important things in the house of an average citizen of any of the developed world, not to mention the fact that the computers kept virtually the entire global industry and economy, and further development of humanity without them is simply impossible, and the computer industry develops very rapidly.

But we can not ignore the fact that despite all the contributions that made computer technology in the development of civilization it left the “dark” impact on human health, especially in industrialized countries where the computer is widespread among the population.

Is there any harm of your computer, and how it can be so dangerous?

Harm of your computer: Damage to sight

Modern LCD monitors are much safer than their predecessors with the CRT, but this does not exclude that they may harm the vision. Often, after prolonged use of the computer the pain appears in the eyes, it hurts to blink, move them, there is a burning sensation or worsening of vision and clarity of seeing. A similar phenomenon is familiar to almost all people carrying out the computer non-stop for several hours a day, it’s called “computer eye syndrome.”

Often people are just simply so passionate about the computer that “forget” to blink and the corneas become dry and expose to the wind, because of this, when there are blinking pain. In general, a negative effect on the eyes at any occupation requires intense concentration of view on any subject or so visually impaired need regular rest, and computer games often have a tendency to tighten, especially for children.

Harm of your computer: The computer and the children

Damage the computer for children is particularly high due to the fact that children often do not know the steps and sit in front of it for hours without stopping, there is a serious threat to vision, an order of magnitude increases the possibility that child will be forced to wear glasses. If parents notice the negative changes in the behavior of the child after the using of the computer, then the surest way to reduce harm to your computer is to limit the time spent on it. It is necessary to do regular breaks, it is very desirable that the child was in the street at least once or twice a day between being on the computer. In addition you need to organize properly the workplace:
1. The distance to the monitor must be at least 40-50 sm, the position of the monitor should be a few inches below the eyes.
2. Lighting in the room should be smooth, there should be no sharp light sources close to the monitor.
3. The monitor should be set up correctly, the screen refresh rate is recommended at least 85 Hz.

Harm your computer: Muscles and bones

Another danger associated with the computer indirectly is a sedentary lifestyle. People whose work involves the computer have to stay in front of it a lot of time every day for sometimes more than 12 hours, of course, such a long stay in a seated position can not affect the locomotor system of man, the skeleton and muscles. Often, people working at the computer, just simply forget about all the physical activities, as unnecessary, resulting in weakened muscles without the work of a long stay in one position numb, they become sluggish and flabby.

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