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The Child And The Computer

July 27, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Today’s children very much interact with television, video and computer. If the previous generation was a generation of books, now children get the information through the video series.

We often hear questions such as: is computer dangerous to my child? How much time can he use it? Does it not hinder the normal development of children?

Once in the computer game the children create a special world, similar to the real, but which differs from it. The children develop critical operations such as synthesis of thinking and classification which in the standard training begin to take shape with 6-7 years of age.

One of the most important functions of computer games is teaching. Let’s talk more about it and see what the new computer can provide compared with the teacher. In these games, the child begins very early understand that the items on the screen are not the real thing but the only signs of the real thing. In some games, these signs or symbols of real things are complicated, are becoming more and more generalized and less like the surrounding real objects. There is an understanding that there are several levels of reality around us – it’s real objects and pictures, diagrams, words and equations, and finally, it is our thoughts that are the most complicated, the ideal level of reality.

However, “the sign function of consciousness” not only allows you to realize the presence in nature of all these levels, but also underlies the very possibility of thought without reference to external objects. The child continues to say in a whisper or to read the text sorted out their own fingers with the score.

Computer games provide an opportunity to ease the transition from external psychic action plan for the inner, so that the simplest actions domestically are already available for children 4-5 years.

Not only psychologists, but also parents and teachers involved with children on the computer noticed that during these exercises memory and attention of children are improving. This is only natural since it corresponds to the laws of mental development of children. Children’s memory is involuntary, children remember only vivid, emotional for them cases or details, and here again is the indispensable computer, as it makes a significant and striking content of the material, which not only speeds up the memory but also makes it more meaningful and long-term.

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