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How To Make Money On The Internet Using Copywriting.

July 31, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Almost at every site you can find ads’ earnings on the Internet, “earn money online up to $ 1,000 a month” and similar tempting offers. For the most part this is a game of virtual exchanges rates of virtual betting shops selling information products. But among them there are those that offer earnings on the stock exchanges of copywriting. Copywriting is the creation of content sites, or more simply, writing articles.

If you decide to do copywriting, the first it is better to look at the recommendations of the venerable copywriters. But among the really practical advice on how to better public markets to start working, what programs you want to install to verify the uniqueness of the material and how many need to evaluate their performance is frankly useless advice. For example, there is the myth that writing articles for Web sites and writing materials for print is two different things. Yes, of course, articles for websites have their own specifics, if you need to optimize for search engines. Then in the paper without loss of meaning and readability is needed to insert a certain number of keywords. But with such task is easier and faster to handle a person who has experience in journalism.

In order to take place in the ranks of successful copywriters, it is preferably to have at least expertise in any field. The man who owns a professional information, more quickly find a permanent high-paying customers and orders. Do not take orders on topics in which you do not understand the hope of finding information in the same web. Start your search, you will be surprised to discover that most of the information “migrates” from site to site or written by people who understand the subject as you are.

Sign up to start on several exchanges of copywriting. In the short time you decide on which one you feel comfortable. Be prepared for the fact that the first few weeks you’ll have a lot of work but earn very little. This will work “on the rating” which in one form or another exist in all markets. Rate depends on quantity, volume and price of performed work. And in the first weeks it is absolutely not a shame to take orders over the 20-30 cents per 1000 characters. This will give you the opportunity to get an initial rating and then it will work for you.

How much can you earn doing copywriting?
It all depends on how you relate to this work. If you find this kind of extra income, you can hardly expect more than $ 100-150 a month. For those who have decided to do this work professionally and $ 500-600 is not the limit.

But if you’ve spent on the stock exchanges of copywriting for several months, and the average price of thousands of characters did not rise above 30-40 cents throw it up without regret. And try to do something else. For example, a play on the “Forex”. Good luck!

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