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The Impact Of The Computer

July 31, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

When in the early nineties, the first personal computers appeared, only some people had it and the functionality of the computers was extremely limited. Not many parents could afford that luxury, so most kids have seen these devices in school classrooms or at a friend’s computer.

Today the situation has changed dramatically. It is hard to imagine daily life without a computer, they are everywhere around us, including the house. Today’s children and young people have learned to understand them better than their parents. But the question is whether the computer brings good or harm to our children, whether you need them, every parent is worried about the mental and physical condition of their child, as well as for their future.

We objectively speaking – the computer can be a real threat to the child.
If an adult uses the computer for different purposes than work, then the child the main interest puts on computer games. Nearly all parents acknowledge that they would like to limit the interaction time of their child with a computer, but they face some challenges. Firstly, it is quite convenient for parents when their child does not stop them, you can put him at the computer and do not worry, that you know where and with whom he is.

Children are very easily influenced, which gives them a bright and colorful virtual world, especially given the persistent propaganda in magazines and on television. It literally makes children forget the lessons, outdoor games and entertainment, they do not want to help around the house or talk with friends, do not follow the regime of the day. According to psychologists, children’s enthusiasm for computer games directly affects the formation of their personality in a negative direction, that is, it relaxes, the child disappears initiative, their only interest is playing and getting pleasure from it without effort.

One of the first unpleasant consequences of such behavior is blurred vision. First, it develops conjunctivitis, redness of the eyes. This is followed by short-sightedness, which can progress. Many people remember the incident that occurred in Japan, when there were massive attacks of epilepsy in children who watched cartoons with computer graphics. Flashes on the monitor change the brain rhythms in the cortex and can cause such seizures.

Computer games of the genre “shooters” make a child aggressive and violent. In the game, he can create his own world, where, in case of loss or failure, you can start over or replay the episode, you can create a character with unlimited power to enslave the universe and so on. This particularly affects children with dysfunctional living conditions or closed character.

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