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Use The Computer For A Child

July 31, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Computer – it’s no longer a luxury but a means of understanding the world and a wealth of information. The child is two years and he climbs on the handle to the father and is happy to look at the monitor. Pull the child from the computer because it causes a decrease in immunity, disrupt endocrine processes in the body and it is bad for the working vessels. But scientists believe that this is not the whole list of diseases.

Experts say that radiation from the computer can increase the risk of cancer.
Communicating via the Internet allows a person to feel not alone, but the amount of time spent at the computer is growing every day. According to scientists, the more hours we spend online the greater is the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
According to statistics, every fourth 5-year-old child has a computer in his room. Experts believe that computer use in education does not help a child but only harms the health. Classes at the computer can cause obesity and then diabetes.
Another issue that provokes the Internet and computer is social isolation. With the development of technology people have forgotten how to communicate – it leads to mental disorders bad health. We have to create a folder in the Paint, and the baby begins to build his first picture. Training and education of children will eventually lead to the fact that the baby will find new and fun games. At first the child draws little animals when he becomes older and will be confident computer user, will begin play in the game. The next step will be learning of Internet at the computer.

There are a lot of articles on harm of your computer, supposedly, it provokes the development of tumors, impairs vision and causes the child’s dependence. Therefore, education of children is most often based on the fact that use a computer prohibits the child. Yet you should not hurry to throw the computer out. How to approach the issue of computer and child? Parenting in the first place should be directed to the fact that the child first settled into normal life.
All the necessary knowledge child can get at that age and without a computer. It is best if the house has a computer, and parents often use them, the child should learn how to use it closer to the age of 7 years, time spent at the computer by kid should specifically be limited to parents, not more than two hours a day. The exception is cartoons, which the child will look with pleasure on a good computer monitor.

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