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Benefit Or Harm From The Computer?

August 02, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

The computer, like television, is present today in almost every home. The child sees that parents spend on them a certain amount of time, so it is not surprising that already in a fairly early age the baby begins to show interest to the computer. Because the experience of previous generations in this regard every parent has to decide how to build the child’s relationship with the computer.

Developmental function of the computer
At the playground often can be heard talking that a child plays in the adult arcade, and, of course, there is nothing good about that either from the viewpoint of a baby, either in terms of impact on his psyche and health. But if you do not go to such extremes, and approach the matter with the mind, the computer can make a significant contribution to the development of the baby.

A preschooler is not recommended to play not only in shooting but also harmless at first glance, simulators, because this kind of games require quick reaction creating an enormous strain on the eyes. But by age appropriate educational games or even just pictures taken from the Internet are able to broaden the horizons and child in a playful way takes the necessary knowledge.

Looking at the illustrations, along with pictures of animals, you can bring your computer and the Internet as an additional visual aid. The child will be interesting to look at a variety of images and pictures of elephant or a giraffe, and learn how different can be cars and trains.

Computer games for children
Since about two years, the computer can be operated more rapidly and with greater benefit, offering very unpretentious child flash-games that help you learn and learn to distinguish colors and contrast geometric figures. And, along with intellectual development the development of fine motor skills takes place, because at this stage the child learns to use a computer on their own, and therefore develops a computer mouse and keyboard. For children from three years developing the range of computer games is much richer.

Restrictions on the use of a computer
We know that all is good in moderation, it refers to the time that a child spends on the computer. Limit the time spent in front of the monitor screen of the child for two reasons: first, for the harmonious development of the child he has to move, while the computer assumes the seat in place, often in a very uncomfortable position, and secondly, we must not forget that the computer creates a strong eye strain which can lead to a decrease in the intensity.

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