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The Child And Computer

August 02, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Parents wishing to raise adequate human and personal development are obliged to take part in the life of a child and monitor their relationship, establishing the regime of the day and terms of use. Buying a computer is worth to emphasize that it is not acquired for the child and his games, but for parents and for their work, even if it is not so. In this case, the child is not acutely responds to the restrictions because he will not consider it as a personal thing.

It is necessary to limit the location of the child at the computer in time. For children up to eleven years it exceed an hour a day.

Referring to the schedule drawn up by the child parents will easier argue the restrictions because it is important to explain the need for accessible these limitations, they should not be a form of punishment.

To save the view distance from the face to the computer should be not less than 40 cm in the case of game consoles is not less than five feet. Do not let the child replace the previously scheduled business, for example, a failed walk because of bad weather.
It will not be correct not to allow a child to play games. Healthy child’s interest, attention and proper upbringing by their parents are able to grow a successful future programmers, service engineers etc. There are affordable and high quality games for children, which is their target. Absolutely necessary to exclude violence, cruelty, immorality, and various occult themes. Normally, game developers do not hide their content and do not skimp on the descriptions.

Computer can help your child to learn to read and write in developing games. The very useful game coaching memory and attention are puzzles, philology, logic, spatial games, in which the characters favorite cartoons teach a foreign language.

It is not recommended to put a computer in the nursery. In this case, there is no need to constantly monitor the child, at the expense of his dignity. It is necessary to acquaint the child with the new mobile games, sculpting, drawing and other interesting games.

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