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Essential Tools A Webmaster Must Have

August 04, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Webmaster/Design

If you are a webmaster and actively marketing your webpage, there are certain tools that you absolutely cannot go without. The important tools for a webmaster is what the focus of this article will be. These tools are used to check rank, pagerank, and other important data. Link checker, HTML validator, pagerank checker, and website analyzer are the tools we need to check pagerank.

Let’s discuss the first tool which is a website analyzer. A website analyzer can do a lot for your internet business efforts. Learning if your site is properly coded is very important. If there are problems with your website it can hurt your user experience and search engine rankings. You might not even realize that your website is screwed up and not working properly. A website analyzer will help you identify things that should be corrected and you can take the appropriate steps.

You should be using a link checker to make sure your links are correct. You can correct your broken links, but first you’ll need to find them with a link checker. You need to make sure that your links are fixed. If you want to measure your linkbuilding efforts you can also use a backlink checker. You can learn exactly how many websites are linking to yours when you use one of the many backlink checkers that are available.

It is very important that you use an HTML validator. When you are building a website there are certain standards that you should follow. Making sure you have proper code is part of these standards. HTML is not the only language that this applies to. With an html validator you can make sure that all of your code is written correctly and make sure that your website is functioning properly.

An internal pagerank checker is another tool that you should use. How well a website ranks in the search engine has something to do with internal link structure. Internal pages send link juice to each other and you will know how much by utilizing this tool. You can take this data and make sure you are getting the highest amount of linkjuice you need.

A website spellchecker is the last tool I want to touch on. It’s amazing how many sites have poor spelling and grammar on their websites. Always use a spellchecker so you can maintain your professional image.

You can make sure that your website is functioning properly and looks nice with all of these tools. Every webmaster should have these tools as they are very important to your success. For more information on website spell checker or website analysis click the link.

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Children And The Computer: Harm Or Benefit?

August 04, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Today children learn to handle a computer mouse before they can handle a spoon or a pot. For them the PC is a natural part of the environment, as well as a car, washing machine, telephone.

Kids and computers virtually are inseparable in our days. Many school-age children and even preschool-age children spend many hours in front of a computer every day, so you should find out what the consequences could produce computers for children’s eyes and their vision. What makes a computer: good or bad?

Using computers improves a child for school readiness

The good news: Recent studies have shown that computer use among preschool-age children actually improves their school readiness and improves performance.

Computer risks for children

But children who spend much time in front of a computer have a higher risk of computer vision syndrome. And many doctors believe that after prolonged use of computers, children have a risk of progressive myopia. So, watch for the time spent in front of your child’s computer.

Reducing the risk of myopia in connection with a computer

Although heredity appears to play an important role in the development of myopia in children, some studies suggest that eye strain and in particular of computer eye fatigue can also affect.

In order to see clearly near the eyes should focus efforts. Some researchers believe that the fatigue caused by excessive focus may lead to changes in the eyes causing nearsightedness. And experts agree that the focus on images on a computer screen is a major eye strain than reading of normal print in a book or magazine.

To reduce the risk of focusing fatigue of view many doctors recommend eye for frequent interruptions with your computer. Some call it the “20-20-10” rule: Every 20 minutes your child should take the eyes off the computer and look at the object, far from it, at least 20 meters, at least 10 seconds.

This simple exercise relaxes muscles within the eye focus which can help reduce eye strain and eye fatigue which can lead to progressive myopia.

The influence of computers on children

Teachers note that with each passing year the children less well develop ability to perceive, reproduce, or create their own texts. It is increasing the percentage of children with disorders of written language. And increasingly, they say that the reason that children are difficult to master reading and writing is that they are too addicted to the computer.

Psychologists say that children often play computer games develop aggression, all kinds of fears of autism.

Pediatricians confirm harm of computers: prolonged sitting posture spoils the eyesight and the effect of computer radiation on the child’s body has not yet been studied.

But, do not rush into extremes and forever protect the child from the computer. If, however, to use a computer reasonably, it can be an excellent tool for learning (eg reading), a means of communication with your baby.

Many children prefer the notes on the refrigerator “reminder” in the computer.

If your child has already started asking “intelligent” questions try to find together the answers to them on the Web. For children on the Internet you can find many interesting things: visit a virtual museum or take part in the Olympic Games online, download informative presentations and movies.

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The Role Of The Computer

August 04, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

What role does the computer play in the lives of the younger generation? Do our children need it? Does it not hurt them? Indeed, TV shows that children turn in themselves and stop playing with their peers in real life after meeting with computers. Let’s try to understand all these wisdoms.

Computers are widely stepped into people’s lives. They meet us virtually from birth and are accompanied by all our life. Very young children put various developmental programs that introduce the baby to the outside world and learn the alphabet from the cradle. Interactive toys are very popular among the kids.

When the child grows, he enjoys watching cartoons with the computer, decides to light logic puzzles, develops a simple game.

For student computer also is an indispensable thing. After all, it is used not only for games but with its help the child masters the global network. Internet is just a mine of information! Here you can find the answer almost any question, and if the answer is not found, then come to the aid of numerous forums where people are happy to share with the information. If your child missed something in school or did not understand some topic, then the Internet is always an explanation in simpler and clearer form to him.

You not always have the extra money on a new book or a beautiful encyclopedia, which children need in large numbers. Quite often the book requires only a dozen pages. Here again, online will come to the aid where there are huge electronic library. We need only download the file – and the child learns the desired partition from the computer screen. Or you can print out useful information to help schoolchildren to learn it.

Do not forget that there is a huge variety of online courses that your child can use in the Internet, he can take tests and receive, for example, a certificate that will hang nicely in a frame in the nursery.

There are a lot of benefits of the computer. And do think about it: sometimes it is better that the child was of something else rather than aimlessly walked through the doorways in search of “adventure.” The child will always have something to talk about with the classmates and not to be considered “white” in the eyes of the friends which is very important in adolescence.

But in addition to a variety of useful information there are a huge number of images of erotic and pornographic content, violence and blood on the Internet. And to get to them is not necessarily to look for them – they can meet the most unexpected places and to protect against them is simply unrealistic. So what to do to protect the child, not only from unnecessary information, but also to limit the residence time for a smart toy? The main thing is that access can be restricted not only about the Internet, but also for computer games. Given the small cost of this service, it will find its way into the masses and allows parents to breathe easy and be sure that there is no negative impact on a child by computer.

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