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Children And The Computer: Harm Or Benefit?

August 04, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Today children learn to handle a computer mouse before they can handle a spoon or a pot. For them the PC is a natural part of the environment, as well as a car, washing machine, telephone.

Kids and computers virtually are inseparable in our days. Many school-age children and even preschool-age children spend many hours in front of a computer every day, so you should find out what the consequences could produce computers for children’s eyes and their vision. What makes a computer: good or bad?

Using computers improves a child for school readiness

The good news: Recent studies have shown that computer use among preschool-age children actually improves their school readiness and improves performance.

Computer risks for children

But children who spend much time in front of a computer have a higher risk of computer vision syndrome. And many doctors believe that after prolonged use of computers, children have a risk of progressive myopia. So, watch for the time spent in front of your child’s computer.

Reducing the risk of myopia in connection with a computer

Although heredity appears to play an important role in the development of myopia in children, some studies suggest that eye strain and in particular of computer eye fatigue can also affect.

In order to see clearly near the eyes should focus efforts. Some researchers believe that the fatigue caused by excessive focus may lead to changes in the eyes causing nearsightedness. And experts agree that the focus on images on a computer screen is a major eye strain than reading of normal print in a book or magazine.

To reduce the risk of focusing fatigue of view many doctors recommend eye for frequent interruptions with your computer. Some call it the “20-20-10” rule: Every 20 minutes your child should take the eyes off the computer and look at the object, far from it, at least 20 meters, at least 10 seconds.

This simple exercise relaxes muscles within the eye focus which can help reduce eye strain and eye fatigue which can lead to progressive myopia.

The influence of computers on children

Teachers note that with each passing year the children less well develop ability to perceive, reproduce, or create their own texts. It is increasing the percentage of children with disorders of written language. And increasingly, they say that the reason that children are difficult to master reading and writing is that they are too addicted to the computer.

Psychologists say that children often play computer games develop aggression, all kinds of fears of autism.

Pediatricians confirm harm of computers: prolonged sitting posture spoils the eyesight and the effect of computer radiation on the child’s body has not yet been studied.

But, do not rush into extremes and forever protect the child from the computer. If, however, to use a computer reasonably, it can be an excellent tool for learning (eg reading), a means of communication with your baby.

Many children prefer the notes on the refrigerator “reminder” in the computer.

If your child has already started asking “intelligent” questions try to find together the answers to them on the Web. For children on the Internet you can find many interesting things: visit a virtual museum or take part in the Olympic Games online, download informative presentations and movies.

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