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Essential Tools A Webmaster Must Have

August 04, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Webmaster/Design

If you are a webmaster and actively marketing your webpage, there are certain tools that you absolutely cannot go without. The important tools for a webmaster is what the focus of this article will be. These tools are used to check rank, pagerank, and other important data. Link checker, HTML validator, pagerank checker, and website analyzer are the tools we need to check pagerank.

Let’s discuss the first tool which is a website analyzer. A website analyzer can do a lot for your internet business efforts. Learning if your site is properly coded is very important. If there are problems with your website it can hurt your user experience and search engine rankings. You might not even realize that your website is screwed up and not working properly. A website analyzer will help you identify things that should be corrected and you can take the appropriate steps.

You should be using a link checker to make sure your links are correct. You can correct your broken links, but first you’ll need to find them with a link checker. You need to make sure that your links are fixed. If you want to measure your linkbuilding efforts you can also use a backlink checker. You can learn exactly how many websites are linking to yours when you use one of the many backlink checkers that are available.

It is very important that you use an HTML validator. When you are building a website there are certain standards that you should follow. Making sure you have proper code is part of these standards. HTML is not the only language that this applies to. With an html validator you can make sure that all of your code is written correctly and make sure that your website is functioning properly.

An internal pagerank checker is another tool that you should use. How well a website ranks in the search engine has something to do with internal link structure. Internal pages send link juice to each other and you will know how much by utilizing this tool. You can take this data and make sure you are getting the highest amount of linkjuice you need.

A website spellchecker is the last tool I want to touch on. It’s amazing how many sites have poor spelling and grammar on their websites. Always use a spellchecker so you can maintain your professional image.

You can make sure that your website is functioning properly and looks nice with all of these tools. Every webmaster should have these tools as they are very important to your success. For more information on website spell checker or website analysis click the link.

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