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The Role Of The Computer

August 06, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Our children live in a world where the computer has become a familiar and necessary thing in every home. They spend much time around it. That is why there is concern in adults which is connected with the affect of the computer on the health of their children.

As psychologists say, the damage from the computer can cause psychological dependence. Even the doctors say about the damaged eyesight, spinal curvature, inactivity. Yes, the computer can cause harm if not to follow certain rules.

PC for preschoolers
Babies can communicate with a computer for long. There are children’s games for this age. A small child is quite capable of color images on a computer or collect puzzles. For young children there are special computer programs that help teach reading and arithmetic. Still, the usual board games for toddlers are preferred.

Computers for students
Psychologists believe that working with computers in school develop a logical and abstract thinking, concentrating of the attention. With special software you can develop the creative abilities of children, for example, learn languages, to draw. Computer games help to learn to make independent decisions. Communication on the Internet is a good school in the ability to establish contacts. Children also learn to look for in a global network of the information you need, always to have the latest mobile news.

Effect of PC on child health
You simply need to regulate the time that children spend with the computer. Preschooler is allowed to conduct a computer no more than 20 minutes a day. Younger students – up to 40 minutes. And children under the age of 9-11 years can sit at a computer for one and half hour.

One major problem which is associated with a computer is a significant burden on the eyes. In turn, visual fatigue affects the general condition of the child, both psychologically and physically. It is important to adjust the brightness and contrast controls so that his eyes did not tire quickly. Also you need to set the screen resolution and frame rate. You can do with a child special exercises for the eyes.

Properly equipped computer workstations
It is extremely important to equip the workplace of the child. It should be taken good light, so glare from a desk lamp or sunlight is shining onto the screen. Computer table should fit on the child’s growth. Care should be taken to sitting on a chair, holding a child back exactly. The screen should be positioned at a distance of 70 centimeters from the eye. In the room where the computer is located you need every day to do wet cleaning and airing.

Technological progress does not stop, so you must periodically update the computer getting new parts for the computer.

Do not be afraid of the negative impact of computers on children. With the right approach there is no particular harm from it. Undoubtedly, the ability to work on the computer will help a child in the future, it is useful to him at work.

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