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Why Do The Children Need A Computer?

August 06, 2011 By: lilybird Category: Desktop and Laptop

Your baby just can not get from the computer? Grant that sitting in front of the monitor was the most useful.
Many parents, acting on the principle “the earlier is the better” begin to familiarize kids with the mouse and keyboard at the age of 2 – 3 years. And they make a mistake. According to doctors, the five year kid can sit at the computer. At this age children can spend in front of the monitor for 20 minutes several times a week, from 8 years old – up to half an hour. It is important to observe time frame not to harm the son or daughter.

Education – entertainment.
Assuming the crumbs to the computer, parents often did not control what at which sites their children look at. And it is in vain. The choice of programs and games should come with all seriousness. For a baby of five – seven years you have to fit the program to develop the skills necessary for admission to school: subtraction, addition, reading, and guessing capture of musical sounds, as well as coaching memory, lightning fast response and attention. When your child will do in the game something wrong, the young player will receive an explanation and a little help from the cheerful and amusing characters games, so the next time it will be easier to own the right decision.

Special course in English.
Among a series of educational games is also playing games with which the child begins to learn foreign languages: English, Spanish, German, French. Lessons from a foreign language he mastered with the help of favorite cartoon characters and stories. In their company the child falls into the thrilling adventures, solves puzzles and fun examples, instantly grasps both individual words and whole sentences, remembers all sorts of letters. But older children who already go to school can buy more sophisticated game in which the child is completely immersed in the language, and already begins to teach grammar. An important point: such a funny game is often voiced by a native speaker, so the kid just hears the correct pronunciation, intonation. A dynamic game, catching crumbs makes him of interest and curiosity about the language itself, which in future will help him in the process of learning. Note, this is quite important!

What to play now?
Scientists advise a child to pick up the game with a search and adventure elements. For older children, this series of games are challenges and competitions that develop resourcefulness and ingenuity.
No matter what games and activities on a computer you did not opt for the baby, try to take part in them. And control the direct communication, collaborative experiences and the joy of victory, which was so nice to share for two.

Shooting under a ban?
The boys really like all kinds of shooters and many adults are playing with a lot of bloodshed killing and shooting. There is nothing good in it: a serious passion that a child sees in the monitor may eventually go into a computer addiction, then the parents seek the assistance of a psychologist. Of course, the child needs the game with an interesting plot, but they should be selected according to their age. Experts who have studied the influence of children’s games subconscious mind came to the conclusion that the brain of child of seven year is not ready for virtual aggression and cruelty, because the children traumatize often.

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